Portable Hibachi Grill to enjoy delicious food outdoors

This product will surely appeal to adventure loving people who take risk to leave the comfort of their homes and go into the great outdoors. The portable grill by Buck Beymer is a boon for audacious campers. The design has been crafted taking inspiration from the interactivity of hibachi and fondue. It is a self-enclosed grill that could be packed easily and taken anywhere.

Portable Hibachi Grill

The aim of the project was to make the design portable along with providing appropriate space to store dipping sauces. Minimal cleanup area has been provided by crafting it in form of an 8x8x8 cube. Grill as well as the enclosure is included in the same foldable cube to ensure minimum cleanup and easy carrying whenever and wherever desired. Opening up of the four sides of the cube increases flat and clean surface even on uneven terrain. This also creates appropriate distance between the grill and the enclosure thereby making handling easy by reducing heat transfer.

The Grill rack can be removed effortlessly for cleaning. The body of Hibachi Grill has been crafted in stainless steel making it durable and rust resistant. Now you won’t have to worry about preparing meals as this remarkable grill could be used anywhere, anytime and could be folded up with its lid on. A rugged leather strap ensures easy usage and keeps the whole assembly secure.

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