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As space becomes more and more confined in modern times, it becomes necessary to make do with less crowding in for creating the required space. Portable storage units are ideal for home, office or business establishments without the added burden of bulky

Seven portable furniture units for compact urban apartments

Portable furniture units

As space becomes more and more confined in modern times, it becomes necessary to make do with less crowding in for creating the required space. Portable storage units are ideal for home, office or business establishments without the added burden of bulky transportation. These portable units are becoming the rage as people are trying to cut down the clutter in their homes and office for greater space mobility. These portable units come in varying sizes ranging from a small table to semi trailers size. Depending on the space and need of an individual these have become essential commodities at varying price range. They are more so perfect for small cramped offices and small apartments in the city where every inch of space is precious. To be able to content a lot of utility furniture in a compact manner is how the modern designers are now creating their unique pieces. Below is a list of seven portable units for urban needs.

1. Mobile compact office by Tim Vinke

Mobile compact office

The Kruikantoor mobile office was created by Tim Vinke, with wheels for easy mobility from place to place. With a size of 1500x400x1200 mm, this mobile office contents a table, storage electricity connection with light and two chairs. It can easily be packed into a compact unit on built in wheels for an office on the move constantly. It can easily be stored in one corner of a room without causing any inconvenience.

2. PETL sofa set

PETL sofa set

This multifunctional sofa named PETL resembles a big cacti flower with nine petals opening out for effect. This can be placed in a garden or used as public seating in a park and is water resistant. The flexibility of this sofa is seen in the way that it can transform into an indoor sofa with 2 or 3 seat, single bed or a day bed without any hesitation. This sofa can easily be packed up into a compact and portable unit without much hassle.

3. Moving kitchen

Moving Kitchen

This is small and portable in size as well as light and can be used in a small kitchen anywhere with all its unique features. Hidden inside its compact body, this kitchen has many features like fold-able tables on both sides and induction stove. You can use this fold-able tray for cooking ingredients or for the dishes. There are pull out drawers for storing utility and it can close up to become compact after the cooking is done. It can be easily wheeled around as it comes with wheels at the bottom base. This is quite a handy kitchen for camping, backyard or outdoor cooking activities. It is ideal for a cramped up city apartment kitchen.

4. Steel stool

Steel Stool

This versatile portable steel stool has been created by French design Noon Studio. It is mobile for residential or office space and has a stylish frame. This has been blended with a painted black steel and wood as a conceptual contrast design. It is a two mixed triangle design opening out at the wooden part. It is a lightweight stool and easy to carry around. These stools can become versatile space partitions by piling them together as required. Its simple design belies its versatility.

5. Pavone portable furniture

Pavone portable furniture

This is a unique utility switch between a table and a chair designed by Redo Studio. This unit is ideally suited for a small apartment as it is not cumbersome or bulky. It has been fashioned in a metal frame on a minimalist look. It folds back flat for easy storage and transportation apart from its twin utility.

6. The brain cube

The Brain Cube

This brain cube unfolds into an amazing table with five chairs. It was created by Bulgarian designer Svilen Gamolov and is a compact functional unit. It instantly creates space for small gatherings at home or office meetings. This portable unit comprising five chairs and a table has been developed in collaboration with Irena Pamukova and Volen Valentinov. The portable units when not in use are wrapped up in a small cube for easy storage. This is truly a brainstorming furniture which is very easy to transport as well.

7. Portable furniture box from Isis design

Isis Design

This is a one in all furniture idea by Isis Design which solves the problem of moving your kitchen, beds and tables in bulky transportation. This portable unit includes bed, kitchen, table and chair all in a compact box to travel anywhere with you. This is a moving home that involves very little fuss as well as being neat in appearance.

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