Portable BBQ grill lets you bake instant meals anywhere, anytime

diy bbq grill from altoids sours tin 1

Designed by Instructables user vmspionage, this BBQ grill is finished in recycled materials, an empty tin on Altoids Sours, which helps the user cook instant food anywhere, anytime. To fire this mini grill, all you need to do is light a single briquette of charcoal to bake a small hamburger or a single hot dog, of course, cut down to size. The DIY project just requires an Altoids Sours tin, a few sheet metal screws (with wide heads) and nuts and a couple of metal computer fans. Users can attach all the parts with easy to follow steps and the grill is ready for cooking. Currently the portable BBQ grill runs on a single charcoal briquette, but a propane version couldn’t be ruled out in the near future. Check out the video to see the grill in action after the jump.

diy bbq grill from altoids sours tin 2
diy bbq grill from altoids sours tin 3
diy bbq grill from altoids sours tin 4

Via: Gizmodo/Techeblog

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