Portable and balanced stand up paddle board for easy transportation

If you liked the idea of the sit-on-top kayak from the skilled water craft designer Tim Niemier, then you must take a look at his latest creation. Moreover, if you are nuts about stand-up paddle boarding, then you just cannot miss this product. For ages, enthusiasts have lugged their heavy and hulky boards to faraway rivers and lakes. But this all new portable design that folds and reduces to a size of just 10 x 32 x 46 inches will surely change the way things are done in this age old sport.

foldable paddle board

This stand up paddle board is actually foldable. After bending at two separate hinges, the board can be stashed inside a carry case, and transported to where ever the spot for the waterborne exercise is located. So, the hassle of storing the board in transit is taken care of. Additionally, hauling the 50 lb folded package down to the river will also not be a bother. And once you are all set to glide on water, you can unfold the board to its full size. Clip on the binding straps after opening it up and you’re all set to go.

The board is stable enough for a smooth coast over the water. This smooth motion is possible because it is built just like a hard board. Currently, it is being sold at a marked down price and the shipping charges all over continental United States are include in its cost price. Cleverly dubbed as the Origami Paddler board, this one comes to the rescue of all water babies, who found taking up their favorite sport too much of a hassle.

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