Portable Aluminum Sound Tube MP3 Speaker for your iPhone 4

aluminum sound tube mp3 speaker  01

If bigger is better, then small is perhaps the new best. This would possibly be the ideal depiction of the latest compact metal speaker that sounds as good as a full-size speaker but without occupying too much space. Featuring a body finished in aluminum, the Sound Tube Speaker comes integrated with a MP3 player and a rechargeable battery allowing 6-12 hours of continuous playback time on a single charge via USB. Compatible with new the iPhone, iPod or any other audio device, the portable speaker comes with 2GB Micro SD card and supports up to an 8GB card. The $40 MP3 speaker also includes a bicycle clip and arm band/belt holder to attach it to the bicycle handlebars to enjoy music on the go.

aluminum sound tube mp3 speaker  02
aluminum sound tube mp3 speaker  03
aluminum sound tube mp3 speaker  04

Via: Thinkgeek

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