Porsche Zentrum lets you bring your beloved 911 home with you

If you think the Porsche 911 is perfect just the way it is, think again. The Porsche Zentrum concept by designer Marty Laurita takes the myth of the legendary vehicle to a whole new level. With a top quality sound system from Bose on each side, the Zentrum is fashioned out of a single piece of reinforced aircraft aluminum which makes it a great bedside device as well as a perfect desktop pr mantle top accessory. The beauty of the concept lies in its highly customizable interface that allows the driver to interact with the vehicle even when they are not physically inside the car itself.

Porsche Zentrum

The device comes with a state of the art cloud connectivity that syncs the device to the owner’s lifestyle and keeps them up to date with the vehicle’s fluid levels, engine performance and other stats as and when they need it while retaining details about functional preferences like driving habits of the owner and cabin preferences etc and exchanging that data with the owner’s car. The Zentrum is also geared to exchange anonymous data about the vehicle with dealerships and servicing networks so that the owner always gets the best driving experience from their vehicle.

The various features offered by the Zentrum can be navigated via a single control strip and the device also comes with handy entertainment and information systems like radio, weather ticker, a built-in alarm and a clock. The Zentrum can also be finished in the same color as the owner’s 911. The rear end of the Porsche 911 is reflected in the rear grille of the device that serves as an audio input as well as an iPhone mount. The environmentally aware and energy efficient device adjusts the brightness of the front face to surrounding light and makes a great collectible for the Porsche owner.

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