The Porsche turned entertainment center brings music and splendor

Are you a fan of luxury cars, especially a Porsche? Well, then you shouldn’t miss this Porsche 911 converted entertainment center for your living room. Rear part of a genuine 2005 Porsche 911 has been crafted to build this music system. The luxury car mounts a 42-inch flat-screen and audio system. Whole parts of half the car are kept up the same for the music system.

The real Porsche Design entertainment center

Designers of the Porsche music system have deployed genuine parts of the German luxury car. Even the wheels and calipers on the rear wheels are original. The rear glass and lamps of the car are kept up, which illuminate when the large display that rests inside the vehicle rises up and down. The music system also produces suitable music thanks to the built-in music system.

The Porsche entertainment center will add much into the décor of your living room, but only if you are a crazy person. There won’t be many people who will invest in genuine parts of the expensive Porsche just to build a music system in their living room. Indeed, it will never be a cheap deal.

The entertainment center comes in various colors that please the buyers. You can choose from various body colors for the Porsche to match your living room’s furnishings. If you such a canny person and wish to show off something bizarre to your guests, the Porsche home entertainment system will be the best pick for you.

Watch the video below to see how the Porsche mounted music system works. It is quite eye-catching to see the LCD display verging out with stunning music and lightings.

Via: AutoBlog

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