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Would you dare to poop in this luxury penthouse bathroom?

We’re not sure what the evolutionary reasons for this are, but most people have reported inability to defecate unless they feel absolutely comfortable. Most people have also reported that even though they may have wet their pants in fear, they are completely unable to, er, “go number 2” when they feel threatened or scared which may explain the phrase “scaring the s**t out of someone”. With that kind of knowledge being so commonplace, we really have no idea as to what may have motivated designer Hernandez Silva to put a glass floor in the bathroom of this 15th floor luxury penthouse which incidentally sits over an abandoned elevator shaft!

Luxury Penthouse Bathroom

Located in Guadalajara, Mexico, the said elevator shaft was originally meant to be used for a second elevator unit which unfortunately didn’t pan out. Instead of letting that space go to waste, the designed created a powder room on top of it and decided to bestow it with a killer view, no pun intended.

Located at the 15th floor of that sits at the upper end of an old Mexican colonial style building built in the ‘70s, the PPDG penthouse is a modern interpretation of the style of the era though it is the said powder room, that offers a nightmarish view of the exposed walls of the seemingly bottomless elevator shaft, that makes the whole flat very remarkable indeed.

Via: Hyper Vocal

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