Polyp neatly handles laundry in tiny apartments

It’s time to pile up your laundry in style with Polyp the laundry basket and get rid of the conventional floor baskets brimming with soiled and smelly clothes. The Polyp designed by Helen Steiner is actually an ornament in the wall and makes up for a pleasantly neat addition to well organized contemporary interiors. It is designed tastefully in the shape of a concave basket and has a hole in the front through which you can stuff the load for machine wash. Once the basket is full, it can be removed from the wall and carried easily for rinsing. One can assort the laundry too by having more than one basket. While the basket design ensures that nothing falls off the wall, the Polyp is a great solution to laundry management issues in tiny apartments.
poly 3

Via: Helen Steiner

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