Plypod iDevice Cable Holder makes cable management green

Everyone loves the wire-free connectivity and on the go entertainment that the iPhone and the iPod provide, but when it comes to charging these fab gadgets we all face the same plight dealing with messy wires. Counter, desk, nightstand-top docks and charging stations promise to make the nightmarish wires go away but they just add to the electronic clutter in your home or office and are often equally as hellish to dispose of once they have outlived their useful life. The Plypod iDevice Cable Holder by designer Liely Faulkner offers users the same level of functionality in cable and cord management though it doesn’t come with the same amount of eco-guilt. Fashioned out of two easily recyclable parts, the stylish charging dock can be used with any standard iPod/iPhone charging cable.


The back of the unit features a screw that can be hand tightened into a plywood cradle to lock the standard cable in the Plypod. The sleek industrial design of the device provides a safe and easy to reach place to store your iPhone or iPod while its charging and the cradle protects your gadgets from the scratching up against the surface of the table or counter as well.

Unlike other charging docks, the Plypod doesn’t muffle the sound of the devices’ in-built speakers. Instead, the speaker and microphone of your Apple device can be accessed via the front of the dock channel that has speaker and microphone ports built into it for the purpose. Finished in natural beeswax, marine grade, sustainably grown Australian plywood of the highest quality was used to create the Plypod which makes it a totally green and eco-safe product.

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