Pluma, high performance track bicycle concept

pluma track bicycle

Created by Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira, the “Pluma,” meaning feather in Portuguese, is a high performance track bicycle that employs Carbon/Kevlar body panels to make it lightweight while being more impact resistant at high speeds on the racetrack. Featuring an aerodynamic design to let the air pass without any interruption along its body, the track bike concept reduces the number of loose or moving parts to make it safer for bikers. Especially designed for Velodrome track cycling races, the Pluma is a fixed-gear bike sans brakes like professional track bikes.

pluma track bike 01
pluma track bike 02
pluma track bike 03
pluma track bike 04
pluma track bike 05
pluma track bike 06
pluma track bike 07
pluma track bike 08

[Cheers Nuno]

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