Play! Coffee Table: Fun with a hefty tag

playtablemain 3858

Of course anyone would jump at the chance of having a table that’s more than, well, just a table. But the price we are ready to pay for it is a matter of speculation. I’ll return to that later, but first something on the Play! Coffee Table. If the name didn’t give you a good enough hint then I’ll just spell it out. Different to the core (quite literally), this table packs in a lot of features for a coffee table. Great looks are combined with some great traits as this table comes with moving surface panels. Not only these panels slide around, but these can also be opened up to reveal as many as sixteen compartments. These compartments can be used to store any stuff that you deem fit. Could be useful if you use it to store things that are usually needed at a coffee table. That you’d usually forget in which compartment you stored what is a different matter altogether. I’d say this is what accounts for the Play! part in the name of this furniture item. Now name the price tag that you’d associate with Play! table? Before coming up with a guess of your own let me just butt in and say that the manufacturers say it is worth $6,000. The table measures 40.5″ x 40.5″ x 17.75″H (with wheels) and is made of walnut veneered plywood, swivel castors and lacquer print.

Via: Uberreview

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