Play car games while riding in a real coupe with OutRun AR project

OutRun AR project

OutRun, an arcade game released in the 80’s, was a dream come true for arcade-gamers, which made them jump with utmost joy. The driving game was a rage and came injected with new hardware in the form of a moving cabinet, ground-breaking graphics and music clubbed with the flexibility to pick the soundtrack and route. Taking the retro-era experience to an all new level is Garnet Hertz. The contemporary artist has given the same cabinet an overhaul and pumped it with a motorized life.

OutRun AR project is an electric golf car, which has been shaped like the OutRun cabinet. A player can navigate through the game instead of staying stuck at the same place. It comes fitted with ingenious software and cameras that will robotically display the route in 8-bit rendering. Image of the route is produced on the screen that makes maneuvering easy and keeps the rider safe. OutRun will help you experience the charm of driving a car on a real-life track. It will send thrill-chills and make the user slip in a state of pure bliss. Don’t worry, the coupe can only touch a top speed of 13 miles/hour but this won’t lower the overall fun-coated experience.

Apart from the gaming part, Garnet wants to develop it into a medically inclined unit, which can be used by people suffering from disabilities. This will shower game-based therapies, helping disabled in a positive way. The technology can also be used while crafting wheelchairs. OutRun AR project will make sure that it ranks high on the entertainment level and pumps necessary adrenaline rush.

Via: Engadget

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