Plastic given a new lease of life in the form of ReCycle Park

ReCycle Park

Recycling products is the call of the day. A lot of waste is piling up with each passing day, which poses a lot of threat for future generations. Keeping the negative impact of dumping waste in mind, Nikola Gramatikov has designed the ReCycle Park. It will prove to be an apt modular solution for recreational areas, city gardens and parks.

ReCycle Park has been made using the salvaged plastic. A lot of plastic is dumped without even thinking once to exploit its potential even after it has lived a complete life. But, Nikola gave it a new lease of life and this outdoor modular concept is a great example. Waste is not always bad and ReCycle Park proves this yet again. It is a great way to teach people about the benefits of recycling products and the way this will help stop further deterioration of the environment.

The structure to be placed in public areas will consist of a bench with a backrest, which will help people soothe those frazzled nerves and lounge in the sun. It will also have another bench that won’t have a backrest attached to it. Sit under the carpet of stars or simply spend some quality time with nature that too the eco friendly way. ReCycle Park will feature flower pots and dust-bin holders. The dust-bin will help keep the area clean by dumping all the garbage in it. On the other hand, flower pots can be used to grow seasonal flowers/plants that will add to the serenity of that place. It will make the area look fresh and keep it beaming with green life.

The backrest comes fitted with seals, which can be removed easily. Once removed, the same bench will serve as a bicycle stand. Simply, turn the bench upside down and keep your bicycle safe and right in front of your eyes. The structure can be swathed with various color schemes. A light source can be embedded in the main connector, if the translucent quality of the material is kept intact after the whole processing. This will help the bench double as a light source when dusk sets in.

ReCycle Park will prove to be an environmentally-friendly destination in cities that are otherwise shackled with a lot of pollutants. The modular structure will sprinkle a lot of freedom to be used in various ways at the same time. So, relax in the lap of nature that too a clean and green way.

[Cheers Nikola]

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