Planet 3 Studios’ Out-of-Box Workstation is out of this world

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Well-equipped workstations are the backbone of any business, and in a modern setup where both employers and employees are increasingly dependant on modern gizmos, the need for providing all business related facilities in one place becomes quintessential. This is where this innovative Out-of-Box Workstation created by Mumbai-based Planet 3 Studios’ comes into the picture. The design basically looks to integrate major office equipment into a single sleek, compact unit that can easily be towed away to any part of the office for quick and convenient use. The brainchild of the design team comprising of Kalhan Mattoo, Santha Gour Mattoo, Kanwaldeep Kapoor and Hina Parmar, the workstation offers a solution to the space-clogging problems in the metropolitan setups with its ingenuity and though the Rs.1, 00,000 (roughly $2350) unit is still in the works, we’re almost sure we’re going to see this thing doing the rounds of the Cybertecture Egg Office very soon.

Source: Planet 3 Studios

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