Pixel Skyscraper gives wings to your dreams

my dream our vision 1
Finalist of the recent contest to design a pavilion for the World Expo 2010, the pixel skyscraper by Singapore-based Design Act is a futuristic yet traditional structure that encourages you to post your dreams. Hailed as “My Dream, Our Vision,” the digital cloud skyscraper is finished with 3866 cubes of varying opacity and requires visitors to enter a dark underground space with audio feeds alluding to the background services. Resembling an illuminated digital cloud hovering over the city, the strategically sloped structure employs natural light to give clear view of the sights on display to the visitors. The structure not just reinvents the city as a progressive and innovative place, but it will help in reducing the carbon footprints as well.

my dream our vision
my dream our vision 2
my dream our vision 3

Via: Inhabitat

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