The Pinehurst, nixie clock made using tubes from the cold war era

Sometimes you wonder if fashion moves forward or just moves in a circle. Do not be too surprised if somewhere down the line a few leaves strung together with some natural tree fiber become the next big hit. In the last few years, Retro has been revived to look cool. Not sure who brought back those giant sunglasses and the bright interiors for homes, but it seems dressing like as if you were part of the 70’s and designing your home with colors that look borrowed from “That 70’s Show” is now completely acceptable. Well, here is something that falls in the exact same category- the Nixie clock.


In their heyday, Nixie tubes were considered too expensive for commercial use on a wide scale and were soon discarded. But designers now are turning towards these old display tubes to create clocks that hope to cash in on the ‘nostalgia and uniqueness’ factor. This six digit Nixie tube clock is called the “Pinehurst” and its casing is carved with genuine Michigan White Pine. And housed in a clear cast acrylic tube are Russian IN-16 nixie tubes that were originally made back in the days of cold war.

Back then if someone made a Nixie clock with a casing of wood from Michigan and tubes from Russia, then he would be called both crazy and maybe even unpatriotic. But times have changed and this clock does indeed look beautiful and it will sit pretty both on your office desk and on a table at your home. You have a programmable night mode so that you do not have it shining bright at nights and there is an alarm with snooze so that you can indulge in your regular habit of endlessly hitting the snooze button until it’s too late anyway. It could be yours for $220.

Via: Etsy

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