‘Pin’ on the music with Louis Vuitton Playbutton

Here comes technology for the fashionable. If you’re all about vogue and closely examine the closest details of what you slip into, then here’s a tiny little knick-knack that’ll soothe your ears as well as your desire to make a statement in a tasteful “fashion.” Enter “The Verbal x Kim Jones Louis Vuitton Playbutton,” a badge of an mp3 player dawned in the same pattern as on the current Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Collection on t-shirts, scarves and other items.


Verbal of Tokyo and ready-to-wear style director at LV, Kim Jones, joined hands to bring out this Louis Vuitton emblem bearing mp3 player which can be pinned on to your jackets, cardigans and so forth. Being a fashion-centric accessory, these players are to have the most basic of functions which include stop/start, skip and volume. Their oomph however increases with the degree of their exclusivity. Only 30 of these are to be made and sold and shall be packaged in a nifty gift box.

The Playbutton features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the memory to hold 10 preloaded tunes. The tunes are packed in the open source Ogg music format, which can neither be erased nor be recorded upon. It’s quite unlikely to be able to easily get your hands on one of these but if you don’t, you can visit the Playbutton e-shop for a variety of other mp3 players.

Via: Mocoloco/ Highsnobiety

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