Pillow for iPad makes you even more comfy with the tablet

pillow for i pad 01

Compact systems, such as netbooks and tablets, may add portability to your work, but they are nowhere near to regular systems when it comes to ergonomics and ease of use. Adding comfort and functionality to tablets, Dutch designer Stein Bakker has developed a pillow that lets you place your iPad at different angles to ease your work flow and enhance work efficiency on the go. Made in plastic (cover), flexible foam (interior), memory foam (base) and plate with velvet coating, the new case not only keeps your iPad safe within but also allows different work positions without stressing your body. Featuring a presentation slot at the top, the pillow is just ideal for watching films, reading a book and other viewing application. Measuring 373 x 308 x 42 mm (LBH) in dimensions, the €40 (about $52) iPad pillow weighs just 700 grams.

pillow for i pad 02
pillow for i pad 03

Via: Pillow for iPad

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