Pillars of Time: Eye-catching wall clock is simple to read

Pillars of Time

Are you bored looking at the same circular clock adorning your beautifully painted wall? Two arms, chasing each other, producing a constant tick-tock-tick can never act exclusive. But, this picture is about to change, thanks to Matthew Crowley. The industrial designer has crafted a wall clock that has 5 hands. Yes, you read it right! Christened the Pillars of Time, the design will add an awe-inspiring appeal to inside spaces.

Matthew has come up with an alternate design that is nothing like the widely accepted round-shaped clocks. It consists of 5 uneven bars that have been placed at an equal distance. The hour hand in Pillars of Time is the longest, unlike everyday clocks in which the hour needle is the smallest. The fashionable piece will perfectly blend with a contemporary setup and make the area glow with its aura. The bars have been crafted from laser micro-perforated wood veneer. Time is displayed in numbers, which are illuminated by the presence of very bright LEDs. These energy-saving LEDs peep through the wooden structure, lending it a charismatic shine.

The clock incorporates 150 feet of wiring at the back. This joins the whole system together along with 50 white LEDs. The entire arrangement is taken care by a Lightuino that is a modified Arduino. Pillars of Time is quite attention-grabbing despite its simple looks. The unique creation will rest on the walls like a piece of art and the use of LEDs will leave many impressed.

[Cheers Matthew]

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