Get your Pill to amplify music from your 6th gen iPod Nano

The Pill iPod Nano 6G dock

There is a way to convert every gadget a far powerful product. For the sixth generation iPod Nano, here is a Pill Docking Speaker for you. The iPod Nano docking station comes in form of a massive pill with advanced speakers in two ends. In the middle of the Pill, you have the vent to dock your iPod Nano leaving its touchscreen accessible. The pill comes in stark red and white on either side. Speakers of the docking station can bring you great music experience from your iPod Nano.

The Pill is a highly portable device, indeed. Measuring in at 147 x 48mm, the iPod Nano docking station will fit into your pocket well. Thus, you can carry it around in your trips and amaze your friends. The creator of the device, Gavio, has put the details of the pill on its webpage. However, it is not available for grabs at the moment. Gavio has mentioned its price as 10 SGD (Singapore dollar) i.e. $8 in the U.S.

What is unique with the Pill is that it is wonderfully charming. Docked with your iPod Nano, the docking station looks quite amazing. Anyone will not overlook the docking station if he/she meets it in their nearby Apple store in future.The Pill speaker dock itself contains all buttons for its controlling. In addition, you have the multitouch display of your iPad in the middle of the docking station. The Pill can amplify music from your iPod in a better rate, which will make you enjoy great music in your living room. Let us wait until Gavio starts to sell out the docking station for iPod Nano.

Via: ChipChick/SlashGear

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