Pickwine picnic basket carries your choicest wine anywhere in style

pickwine picnic basket 1
The Pickwine is devised for couples seeking an outdoor break from their monotonous routine along a glass of wine. It’s a picnic basket meant to carry, transport and help consume your choicest drinks while you are surrounded by the beauty of an untouched countryside. Stunningly simple in design, the basket’s ergonomic layout comprises cuboid shape enriched with chromed edges and handle bearing along every side.

pickwine picnic basket 2
The wine bottles which can be carried at the very bottom and center of the basket are held in position by plates and simple rubber-stripe during transportation. The basket is equipped with retractable plates to hold a glass made of heavy plexiglass that eliminates breaking. The Pickwine’s shape helps in numerous ways to hold, attach, hide plates and glass while the couple enjoys the beautiful time together.

pickwine picnic basket 3
pickwine picnic basket 4
pickwine picnic basket 5
pickwine picnic basket 6
pickwine picnic basket 7
pickwine picnic basket 8
pickwine picnic basket 9
pickwine picnic basket 10

Via: Behance

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