Piano Dentelle: Crochet music!

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Crochet or knitting might be a popular leisure time activity for housewives but it’s a form of art for Joana Vasconcelos. Adding to the list of her crochet patterns, that includes computers, sculptures and bridges, the London based designer has now popped up with the ‘Piano Dentelle,’ which is a crochet pattern for piano. Covered in white crochet pattern, the crochet covered piano presents a meticulous as well as an innovative art that requires great skills apart from long-lasting endurance. The Piano Dentelle features an artistic form of weaving, basically originated from various household crochet patterns, which gives a refined look to the conventional music instrument.

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Via: Designboom


Paris born artist, Joana vasconcelos, is presently located in Lisbon, Portugal.

One thought on “Piano Dentelle: Crochet music!”

  1. This a beautiful peace or art. My heart pounds just to admire this remarkable piece.
    Congratulation for your perfect work. I love and enjoy your great talent. It is like a dream coming true. You are an exceptional artist. I wish I could make such a wonderful work Unfortunately, I am a french women and the perfect words telling you my admiration are missing. A million thank you for sharing this wonder with me. I realy appreciate it.

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