PIAFF is a reinterpretation of traditional bird house for modern outdoor ambiance

If you have ever been to the woods, then the chirping of birds must have definitely caught your fancy. The sweet chirps have a magical effect and can enliven anyone in no time at all. City space lacks this charm and even spotting a bird house in such modern packed spaces is nothing less than a dream. Bending the charm of the striking design of a conventional German bird house and lightweight material cork is industrial designer Vitor De Castro Lopes with PIAFF.


The design of this speaker is an all new aspect of a bird house and the aura of chirping, which will blend seamlessly in this modern era where such simple pleasures have long been forgotten due to a busy life that people lead. The design of PIAFF has been crafted out of carefully picked materials, which include cork, plywood, speaker and painting of its outer skin. The best part being, all these materials used have been sources out of nautical engineering applications, which resulted in a design that is not only technically functional but also eye catching.

PIAFF has been made as a part of the collective TIVD proposal, which saw designers from various countries come up with designs that are a reinterpretation of some traditional designs and have been fashioned out of various materials. This high definition speaker will add magic to an outside space and will rev up the mood with its simple yet captivating design.

[Cheers Vitor]

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