Photosynthesis Car generates energy from natural photosynthesis

photosynthetic car 02

Conceived by designers Michal Vlcek and Klavir, the “Photosynthesis Car” is a revolutionary vehicle that integrates a special kind of solar panels, generating energy from the natural photosynthetic process. For the vehicle concept grows its own turf and plants that not only produces sustainable energy for the car but also seat passengers in a natural environment. Running on an electric engine, the futuristic vehicle features nano plastic body and joystick controls, allowing a safe and easy driving. The design element of the car does seem great, but the technological aspects have mostly been untouched. Though photosynthesis can be used to produce sugars and later biofuel, but how will that biofuel power the vehicle is unclear.

photosynthetic car 03
photosynthetic car 05
photosynthetic car 06
photosynthetic car 01
photosynthetic car 04

[Thanks Klavir]

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