Philly to receive more surprises oozing out of the green wall

You would have witnessed a variety in architectural designs while visiting several types of buildings and locations. But, here is a wonderful living wall covering an under-construction facility that might make anybody curious to know what’s behind this wall. If that happens, the purpose of this green exterior would be solved, as the wrapping is specially constructed to call attention to the new Shake Shack restaurant branch being developed behind the scenes. Danny Meyers got in touch with Shift_Design, a Philadelphia design firm, when he wished to start a branch of his famous ivy-covered fast food restaurant that is originally located in New York.


Shift_Design also completed their assigned task with such perfection as Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group would have assumed while intending to make their neighborhood facility a focal point. You would be amazed if you look at the finesse of lively green units, custom panels and window boxes designed on the wall. A marvelous design comes upfront through the use of galvanized steel ribbons that trail up the surface of the wall. These act like a support system for climbing plants.

Though the restaurant is scheduled to start serving in the summer season, people are still getting attracted by the idea of painting the wall in a thematic manner. There is a beautiful transition of colors that starts with a wintry dark gray shade to end up with a bright green hue depicting the summer season. This is done to reflect the construction period from winter to summer. Now, when the restaurant opens in summer, it’s not planning to stock this green beauty within the facility, but would be donating for a noble cause. All these planters and plants would be handed over to Rittenhouse Square Flower Market, which runs nonprofit for Children’s Charities. So, there is throughout positivity one can see behind the idea of crafting this special-purpose green wall.

Via: Core77

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