Pet backpack laptop bag carries both your pet and notebook

pet laptop backpack 01

Those innocent puppy looks do not allow you to leave home without your precious little pet, and you cannot even afford to go out without your notebook in that bulky laptop bag? Well, carrying your naughty pet on one side and the notebook on other is quite tedious. PetEgo has designed the “Pet at work” travel system, so that you don’t have to choose between your laptop and your puppy any more. This pet backpack carrier offers compartments for carrying both your pet as well as your notebook. With this portable unit, you can comfortably carry your doggy to your work and your work to the dog park. Its laptop carrier provides enough room for your notebook and exclusively designed foldable pet Dome and soft crate with spongy dual sided mat gives homely comfort and security to your pet wherever you take him. This exceptionally featured bag is designed to maintain your style and comes in smart black color for $178.

pet laptop backpack 02

Via: Likecool/ Gearfuse

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