Personal Electric Vehicle collapses into a trolley for easy transportation

personal electric vehicle

With ever-increasing traffic on roads, the personal means of transport is becoming popular day by day. But how about an EV, which can be snapped and carried anywhere? Keeping the pollution factor and traffic chocked roads in mind, designer Alan Fratoni has designed a compact means of transportation, dubbed the “Personal Electric Vehicle,” which allows clean and brisk commutation on packed out intercity roads.

Alan wanted to craft a vehicle which could carry a person from one point to the other, like from their home to a bus stop, metro station or subway. Normally, a person is expected to park his automobile before boarding a bus or train, but not in this case. You can easily collapse the vehicle and carry it with you with ease. The cute vehicle can be used as a trolley to carry luggage or for that matter of fact anything. Once you reach your destination, erect the vehicle and ride on it again.

Crafted in a sleek manner, it has three wheels that provide a great balance. It can be charged anywhere without the restriction of pumping it with life only in a garage. Personal Electric Vehicle is an answer to all the short distance travel, and that too the eco-friendly way. Easy to charge and comfortable to ride, it will roll into your heart in no time.

[Thanks Alan]

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  1. We are very interested in reselling your item and designing some websites around this personal transporter. If this is a venture your ok with please send us some specs and wholesale price information, as we would really like to sell your item and help your company as much as we have helped with the robins

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