The perfect stand for iPad 2 is robust yet easy to handle

With launch of iPad came a range of accessories and there seems to be no stopping. Unlike a laptop, a tablet needs an additional stand if one wants to place the gadget in landscape or portrait mode. Adding to the long list is the perfect stand for iPad 2, which is a great combination of simplicity, style and user friendliness.

Stand for iPad 2

Though simple to look at, the stand comes smothered with a lot of functionality. It can be easily carried from place to other while traveling because of its lightweight construction. But, being light in weight does not mean that it sturdiness has been compromised with. The stand will last for years to come and will not succumb to daily wear and tear. It can be easily swapped into a docking station by simply adding the original dock cable that accompanies the iPad 2.

The awe amazing stand can be picked from a variety of colors as per your taste. If you feel that the stand looks a little dirty, then all you have to do is throw it in the dishwasher and see it sparkle like new again. Use it when it has dried out totally to make sure your iPad 2 does not get damaged. The robust iPad 2 stand can be used in portrait mode for FaceTime and when interested to watch a movie/video simply switch to landscape mode for a spectacular experience.

Via: Shape Ways

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