Penveu is a savvy digital pen to replace whiteboards

If this product hits it off, then the whiteboards used in offices and schools, will be a thing of the past. Penveu is a cutting edge interactive whiteboard that can be used in any setting. The revolutionary technology from Interphase outdoes all space constraints you have to comply with before buying writing equipment. The piece, capable of digital writing, is bouncy and full of fun. It is tagged at $500 for the educational market and at $700 for business users.


Writing and giving presentations with this device will be a lot more fun. Firstly, you can write on almost any surface with this pen. This definitely has a lot of advantages. You can easily jot down notes on the table when you are having a one to one talk with an executive or maybe two of them. And if you are teaching a class of twenty students, then perhaps using the wall to do all the writing, will be a better idea.


Moreover, the pen will work just as efficiently regardless of your distance from the writing surface. You can note down stuff with the device just the way you use a pen or a mouse. The cool piece can write in different colors. Also, data can be highlighted and erased using it. It can be easily switched to the mouse mode anytime. The spry portable piece can be considered as an alternative to PowerPoint presentations that have acquired a tedious and dull image over the time.

Its techs specs are absolutely outrageous. The positioning and pointing while you write is really precise thanks to the three gyroscopes, three magnetometers and 12 accelerometers in the device. The Penveu comes with a box that can be easily connected to a monitor, projector and even a TV using a VGA connection. It also slots in a high speed camera. The amazing piece has actually developed from technology used previously in satellites, smart bomb navigation and cruise missiles.

Via: Cnet

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