Pentominium Towers to unfurl a supreme urban living experience

A 320 meter tall skyscraper will be erected in the Yongsan International Business District of Seoul, which will be one of the fifteen skyscrapers that are included in the plan for the global city. The design was unveiled by Murphy/ Jahn (Chicago based architects) and will look like a beautiful web of glass and steel. The architects have fashioned two towers under a single roof, which will comprise of world class residential units.


The residential units in these Pentominium Towers will provide all the privacy that is only possible when living in a house away from the entire hustle bustle. The spatial arrangement and unparalleled living experience is what the structure will unfurl along with picturesque views and a four story sky parks. Every unit in the design will have enclosed balcony space, winter gardens and customizable bay windows. Bedrooms and bathrooms will tend to be a private affair with the presence of vertical bars that are present in the primary module.

The outside screen will not only bring up the privacy level between the two towers, but will also provide solar shading that will bring down the cooling load. The two building will be connected at the center with the help of a bridge that will be beautified by the presence of gardens. The north-east corner of every block will be used position the staircase as well as the elevator. There is enough space to relax and unwind as the tower will have a dedicated space for meditation, an exercise or sporting areas and an exterior lounge. Pentominium Towers, with its unmatched urban spaces, is bound to attract an exclusive clientele not only from Korea but around the world.

Via: Archdaily

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