PENSA’S new concept provides the much needed battery charging points to commuters

Often, it so happens that you’re expecting an urgent call and frantically looking for the nearest plug point to charge your phone. Your battery is on its last hinges and you’re holding on to the last spark to just take that one phone call which may change your life. But at the end moment, your luck plays foul and your phone shuts down.

Urban Oasis

The above mentioned situation can happen to anyone, given the wide variety of fancy phones we all invest in. But, it may not be possible for you to keep looking for a shop to charge your cell phone all the time. More than often, the guilt of using the electrical socket will only bear you down. To get rid of such worrisome consciences, designer studio PENSA has come up with the brilliant idea to charge your phone, right on the street. Now, no need to go into coffee shops and other public places just to charge your cellphone battery.

PENSA has titled their idea as the “urban intervention”. They have touted their idea in a very clever way, as it requires minimal investment and absolutely no real estate investments. They have fitted charging points right onto the street signs, which have further been fixed up with solar cells to provide the power. Charge your phone free of cost, and no one will ever be wiser. With this power in place, one would not need to keep worrying about losing that precious last bit of battery for checking an important email or listening to your favorite song for one last time. Everything in its place with PENSA’s new futuristic concept.

Via: Fastcodesign

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