Pen for writing all multimedia needs

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A pen would possibly be the last option to knock your mind while choosing a business gift. However, the multitasking pen by Peter Vardai is a refreshing take on the writing tool that touting some overwhelming features will take the receiver by surprise. Presenting multiple parts, the new pen by the Hungarian designer expands to the growing needs of the trendy users. The multitasking pen comes with a standard kit containing the nib, the central unit and the end part. The front part or nib of the pen can be changed to be used as a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, mechanical pencil or a digital pen. And the central part contains a music player, LED light, charger input, together with a memory card and a battery, while the end part of the pen integrates the transmitter of the Bluetooth headset.

In addition, the multimedia pen comprises expandable units, which integrates a camera, microphone, laser pointer, corrector, USB connector, Wlan receiver to connect your computer wirelessly to the internet. Users can charge the pen in the pen dock that also sends and gathers the data from the computer. Moreover, the different parts of the pen are connected with small plugs, which provide energy to all the segments to remain connected.

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