Peepo Explorer: An indoor public space navigator for the visually impaired

Peepo Explorer

The Peepo Explorer is a handy product that allows the blind to navigate through indoor public spaces with ease and independence. Created as a joint venture between designer Steffan Williams and Peepo, the firm that develops products that provide innovative solutions to the challenges that the visually impaired face in their routine lives, the device seeks to change the way the blind interact with indoor public spaces.

When moving within a confined indoor public environment such as a mall, or a museum, the blind cannot easily find specific-purpose points such as washrooms, cash points, elevators and escalators, information modules, etc. This restricts their ability to explore the environment fully without seeking out the help of a sighted person. The Peepo Explorer looks to plug this gap in public information systems that are not designed to cater to the blind by providing a user-centric solution to the problem.

The Peepo Explorer uses RFID and WIFI technologies to allow the device to communicate with the important navigational markers installed in a public space. The device allows the user to create a tailored route within an indoor location which helps users make the best use of the time they spend there. By creating a defined route, the device also allows users to chart out exits that lead them to other facilities nearby and help them transit from one location to another with ease. The device can also be used by users to communicate with other users.

The Peepo Explorer is designed in a familiar phone-like 0-9 keypad that helps them input their information with ease while the feedback and information created by the device is communicated to the user via an audio feed that is sent directly from the device to the user’s Bluetooth headset. Haptic feedback from the device also allows them to make quick decisions based on the given information with ease without compromising on their safety or security.

Via: Steffan Williams

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