Paz Brouk’s ‘Gabler’ cell phones for women


Someone has finally empathized with women. Paz Brouk’s “Gabler” cell phones are specially designed with women in mind in that they can be easily attached to a bag or a pocket. This helps eliminate the difficulty of digging through a deep bag to find your tech tool. To beat this little problem, she’s designed the Gabler, a folding phone that can be hung over the rim of a purse. The phone folds in a slanting line in the middle thanks to the bendable screen and flexible outer shell. It has modern-day features like a built-in clock, calendar, address book and camera.

Ignoring the principle of what a cellphone is “supposed” to look like, the Gabler clutches onto the edges of bags and pockets to provide easy access to the cell phone. The flexible screen and outer shell permit the phone to be bent in both directions.

Via: Paz Brouk’s ‘Gabler’

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