Patricia Tait’s creative concept combines pathway lighting with sprinkler system

Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light

Do you ever wish you had a brightened-up pathway in your lawn that looks beautiful, as well as contains enough power to light up the place where you need to water the plants? Now, you can turn your thought into reality as Patricia Tait has designed an amazing integration of a sprinkler and a pathway light – and that too in an environmentally friendly manner! Patricia’s Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light combines the concept of pathway lighting with the existing water sprinkler devices or systems. A great addition to your home’s lawn area, this equipment offers solar-powered lighting to the place.

The Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light helps you get rid of electric wires and an intensive installation process. As both the sprinkler and the lighting system are integrated into a single unit, it has been taken care that lights could be installed at the same time the sprinkler system’s installation takes place. This design has been safely created and displays special visual effects at the place where it is installed. Such a system also helps lowering down the lights into the ground when you may not require them to be used, and specially at the time you start mowing your lawn or garden. These lights do not interfere with the mowing and cleaning process and are safe from being tripped upon.

If you prefer, you may also place these lights on the top of those sprinklers that are more commonly used and are well placed under enough sunlight. The Innovative Sprinkler/Pathway Light can make your garden shine when its light strikes the drops of sprinkled water on the grass. If you place these lights all along the pathway, it would give your lawn a special look and yourself a refreshing feel. This innovative sprinkler and light system gives a natural and green touch to the complete surroundings.

Via: Behance

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