Passing Cloud Concept is How You are to Travel in Future

Passing Cloud concept

Lives have changed for sure. Gone are the days when US folks had the luxury to travel destinations without a fixed location in mind, and could take our sweet time to do so. Well, all that is set to come back if artist Tiago Barros’s new concept the “Passing Cloud” is to be believed as the floating cloud used to travel. Based as a futuristic concept of traveling on floating cloud-like structures, the travelers wouldn’t have a fixed destination or control of speed.

With most traveling gadgets having a high carbon emission these days, there is a demand for those which have lesser emission, if not at zero emission levels. Taking that criterion into mind, these Passing Clouds are a perfect fit, as these have no engines or motor on which it depend to work on. With an internal stainless steel cloud shaped structure, the covering is white nylon fabric with high tensile strength. When placed on the ground, the travelers could board the cloud using the ladders placed on the sides. After boarding on, the balloons would be released to float in the skies, but there is the main catch after that which we even mentioned earlier; complete loss of control in terms of time taken to travel, as wind patterns will decide the travelling direction and speed. Also, if one takes a critical look, there is always a chance where people could either fall off or land in the middle of a water body with no assistance around! We are not experts or decision makers, but it would be a safe bet on our end to wish for more of safety features and controlling mechanisms, making travelling on this futuristic device safer and more enjoyable.

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