Passenger Boat 27 lets you savor the beauty of Istanbul Bosphorus Sea

Passenger Boat 27/Sery-I Istanbul

Boat ride is a great way to savor the beauty of an area, which is left unexplored. Ceyda Ozsarac has designed a boat that will take passengers across the Istanbul Bosphorus Sea. Christened Seyr-I Istanbul, the passenger boat will unfurl the aesthetic beauty of this area like never before.

The name has been derived from the Turkish word “Seyir” that means watching. Istanbul falls short of parking space, because of which the boat boards at the dock from head and not sideways. This saves enough space, while passengers can vacate the boat from both left and right. The concrete floor of this eye-appealing creation has been wedged with connecting ramps that can move. Two moving docks have been crafted from metal sheet swathed with fender. The boat can carry 118 passengers during winters, while the count rises to 152 when it gets warm outside. The entrance deck can hold 44 people (including 2 wheelchair users), stern deck 76 and the upper desk has a holding capacity of 34.

There is a spiral staircase that leads to the upper deck from the head. You can enter the kitchen and fly bridge through a staircase located near the door. Seats for the crew, with a double capacity, have been fitted near the door. Life jackets find a place under the seats, while life rings are placed on-board. The sides of the upper deck have been used to keep life rafts. Safety measures, like fire boxes and extinguishers, have been kept in the head and slope deck. In case of fire, a smoke alarm will set off that can be found in the exit way. The boat will force passengers to dive in the beauty of Bosphorus Sea and sprinkle them with a luxurious experience.

[Cheers Ceyda]

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