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Parami Fitness Room Divider screens your daily workout from Peeping Toms

Whether you’re a high profile celebrity evading paparazzi or just a regular person with perverted neighbors, trying to get a workout done at home always comes with the risk of someone peeping in through the windows and catching you in an awkward/ unfortunate position. The only other option to prevent such mishaps to is to workout at night with the lights out which isn’t really sane or safe; hence a device like the Parami Fitness Room Divider could really come in handy.

Parami, multipurpose fitness furniture

Developed by designer Felipe (Parra) Rello in collaboration with Joanne Gaumont, Kelly Champenois and Claire Cousseau, the multipurpose fitness furniture allows users to delineate and modulate a given space and turn it into a home gym personalized for your fitness needs. From bar-bell lifting to exercises that require an elastic band, dumb-bell exercises and step aerobics can be performed using parts featured in Parami’s cylindrical components that are called “carrizos.”

Parami, multipurpose fitness furniture

The stable and robust wooden structure of the wave base is complimented by the technical performance of the rotational molded plastic carrizos that can be combined in as many numbers as needed to provide as much or as little privacy and comfort to the user. The Parami Fitness Room Divider is offered in two sizes measuring 70 cm and 140 cm long and is inspired by the form of growing plants which makes it a wonderful addition to homes, backyards as well as fitness studios.

Source: Rello Design

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