Paper Chair is a child’s artistic time pass

childrens paper chair 02
Furniture designing, offering infinite possibilities of experimentation, is one of the most adorned designing streaks among both conventional as well as contemporary designers. Taking a cue from (possibly) a toilet paper roll, designer Charlotte Friis has devised an innovative chair called known as the “Childrens Paper Chair” that not just offers a playful design but also advocates the serious message of sustainability for day-to-day life. Though the chair is especially designed for small kids, older children also use it, of course with a bigger paper roll. All you have to do is draw the paper on the front cylinder to accommodate kids up to the age of 7 years. Apart from resting on the chair, kids may enhance their writing or drawing skills on the paper, while you may roll the dirty paper underneath clean paper by simply rolling the front cylinder backwards. Other than paper, the chair is available in a carpet variation as well.

childrens paper chair 01

[Cheers Charlotte]

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