Private swimming pool in the open sea promises unmatchable thrill

magic private swimming pool 1
You may be a proud owner of a luxuriant private swimming pool in your sprawling mansion but all bets on a ranch for nothing can replace the thrill which accompanies the kind we are talking about. A private swimming pool in the unfathomable seas at your own wish, something you’ve never heard or thought of. Euroship by Pietro Castellino is a floating swimming pool that can be attached to your yacht, anywhere on the sea. The inflatable pool has holes on its bottom surface to let the seawater seep in and it takes just 5 minutes to get done and enjoy the cool swimming.

magic private swimming pool 2
magic private swimming pool 3
magic private swimming pool 4
magic private swimming pool 5
magic private swimming pool 6
magic private swimming pool 7
magic private swimming pool 8

Via: INewIdea/Woohome

ONUO Electric Tricycle makes commuting a game for elderly

o nu o electric tricycle

Intended towards older riders ranging between 50 to 70 years, the “ONUO” by British designer Isaac Barrett is an electric tricycle to cover short distances for everyday shopping, providing a clean alternative to fueled vehicles. Integrating a trolley capable of holding about five shopping bags, the trike concept utilizes maximum space whilst minimizing the efforts on part of the user. The trolley freewheels at the rear to slide in the generous space (480mm) between the rear wheels of the tricycle. In order to familiarize the user with the design, the motion of loading the trolley is similar to the belt connecting supermarket trolleys.

o nu o electric tricycle 01

There is no connecting axle between the rear wheels to utilize maximum space, while the frame adopts a forked frame inspired by motorcycle swing arms, which gives it a sporty yet elegant side profile. Featuring the frame and wheels finished in carbon fiber, the trike generates power from a battery pack, which hooks up to the brushless hub motor in the front with a connecting wire, to move at 15mph. The battery utilizes Carbon Nano-tube technology, which can store 100 times more energy than standard lithium ion batteries.

o nu o electric tricycle 02

In short, the ONUO is essentially an electric scooter, with the throttle controls on the handlebar, as the dynamo between the pedals store kinetic energy to help regenerate the battery.

o nu o electric tricycle 03

o nu o electric tricycle 04

[Thanks Isaac]

Senseo Tide coffee dock for a hot cuppa coffee in one-two-three

senseo tide coffee dock

Developed for Philips, the “Senseo Tide” by Norwegian designer Sverre Wiik Øberg is a coffee dock that provides “hot and sustainable coffee in just one-two-three.” Based on a sea tide, the flow-through-heated coffee maker fills the cup with water and a coffee-pad on top of the machine/dock, where it is heated and brewed back in the cup, as the water level rises during high sea tide. Presenting a refreshing design to the conventional home appliance, the portable coffee machine brews your cuppa coffee in a grand style.

senseo tide coffee dock 02
senseo tide coffee dock 03
senseo tide coffee dock 01
senseo tide coffee dock 04

[Cheers Sverre]

Concept bin says ‘no’ to waste when full

concept dustbin 1
We have tried and done everything within our means to ensure proper waste disposal. Yet, something remains amiss so that big or small garbage cans over-flowing with rubbish remain a constant eyesore. One designer in particular Jan De Paepe became so determined to resolve the problem that he developed HYDE. The dustbin is fitted with a little scale which weighs the amount of waste thrown inside. Once the bin has received maximum tolerable amount of waste, another mechanism helps the sturdy smart looking dustbin close its lid softly and hide from the users, thus making them search for another dustbin to dispose of waste.

concept dustbin 2
concept dustbin 3
concept dustbin 4

Cheers Jan De Paepe

Steampunk gun crafted from household waste has surefire looks

ray gun steampunk 1
That it isn’t functional is the only breather, else this exceptionally designed steampunk gun has really nasty surefire looks. Another astonishing reliever about the seemingly deadly weapon is the fact that its’ made entirely from house hold scrap and no heavy metal. Meticulous detailing gone into creating this killer marvel makes it hard to singly distinguish each and every scrap content. The waste material used includes toilet paper rolls, luggage tag straps, copper craft wire, toothpaste lids, a light-up spoon, ink pen, a broken needle threader, and many more household objects usually discarded as rubbish. Above everything else the copper color paint lends life to this lifeless creation which only makes the owner feel proud by its possession.

ray gun steampunk 2
ray gun steampunk 3
ray gun steampunk 4

Via: Walyou

@Rest for iPad lets you work nonstop on your tablet with ease

rest for ipad

Despite being ergonomic and lightweight, you cannot hold and work on your iPad in one position for longer period without tiring your hand or lap. Providing a solution, American designer Dean Heckler has developed a stand dubbed the “@Rest for iPad” that turns your tablet into a regular PC, so you could work nonstop in the living room, kitchen and at workplace. Made in powdercoated steel, the new iPad stand supports your Apple tablet at angles ideal for the side table or countertop, for surface-facing holes enable you to bolt it to different surfaces. Measuring 8 x 6 x 4 inches in dimensions, the @Rest is available for $59.

rest for ipad 01
rest for ipad 03
rest for ipad 02
rest for ipad 04

Via: Hecklerdesign

World’s largest skateboard on a suicidal mission

worlds largest skateboard

Skateboarding on streets or a marketplace may look an effortless and entertaining task, but when it comes to riding, rather controlling the world’s largest skateboard, the fun factor just takes form of a thrilling experience, taking the breath out of the rider. This is exactly what happened when the California Skateparks brought the world’s largest skateboard to the Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania, and took it out for a breathtaking ride with campers. Check out the video, to see the enormous skateboard on a suicidal ride, after the jump.

worlds largest skateboard 01
worlds largest skateboard 02
worlds largest skateboard 03
worlds largest skateboard 04

Via: Gizmodo/Likecool