B-IRON 725 reveals the magic behind ironing!

Ever wonder just how creased clothes get smoother when you move the iron back and across? If yes, then the B-IRON 725 – better described as the “Transparent Iron” – could be the revelation that you need. Designed by the Dongseok, Lee and Jihyung, Jung, the B-IRON 725 allows the user to watch the ironing process as the creased cloth surface is transformed. This has

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Modular Furniture that fits the available space

With limited space to spare in modern apartments, modular furniture is gaining popularity and designers around the world are busy in producing modular designs to go with the decor of contemporary home and office space. Presenting elegant, classic and contemporary aesthetics, Designer Bob Blackadar has come up with a unique furniture design that can be obtained either in segments or a whole unit, depending on

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Grapes Wine Holder Party Plates: Wine and dine appetizer tray

Didn’t like the wood finish of the Appetizer Tray? Check out the Grapes Wine Holder Party Plate that allow users to enjoy their drink as well as appetizing snacks simultaneously without juggling them on the dining table. Featuring the shape of a tasteful bunch of grapes, the party plate with wine holder comes in a set of four that can be used for both indoor

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Asus makes computer highly portable with Eee Keyboard PC

You may just refute the relevance of a keyboard without a computer, but the new keyboard by Asus is a PC accessory with a difference. Named ‘Eee Keyboard PC,’ the innovative concept by the Asus is not just a PC accessory, but it's actually a fully functional PC incorporated into a keyboard. Boasting of wireless HDMI, which converts any TV into a home theater where

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Colim: Separating the car from the caravan

Bridging the gap between caravans and regular cars, designer Christian Susana has popped up with a multifunctional vehicle that functions as a caravan, when used as a whole, but when detached from the home part, it can also be used as a small car. Named Colim, short for ‘colors of life in motion,’ the new mobility concept is designed to accommodate a small family. Featuring

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Swingers: See-saw or furniture?

Creativity expresses itself in so many forms. And this see-saw chair is a prime example of that. Dubbed as ‘Swingers’, this piece of furniture is in fact, a set of two back-to-back chairs scrambled into one. So, two people might never face each other while sitting on same chair. With the intention that you have ample space to sit on, the dimensions read 1660 x

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Volvo backlight inspired seating for the auto-nerd

Modular furniture is all the rage these days and the Volvo seating unit is no exception. This inviting chair, made of cardboard layers, grabbed the first place as a sustainable project designed for "Volvo For Life Design Awards". The unique seating system takes inspiration from the tail lamps of a Volvo car. The chair looks to be just another seater at first glance, but it

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Reach for the attic: Aluminum ladder is stairway to unused space

If you are looking to add some extra space in your compact home, check out this folding aluminum ladder that turns your unused attic space into a proper storage or living area. Designed by the Australian manufacturer Attic Ladders, the folding attic stairway comes in different range of height applications up to 4.3 meters. The foldable stairway is very compact in size, which stays open

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Spyball: Remote controlled spy-cam for modern Sherlock Holmes

Displaying the death star type look, the WowWee is up there with a remote controlled spy-cam robot that lets the modern Sherlock Holmes to capture and watch anything, anywhere over a Wi-Fi connection. Traveling around on sleek wheels, the ‘Spyball’ spy camera can smoothly rotate in a 360-degree angle and capture video and still images with equal efficiency. It can transform from a ball to

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The +Shifter faucet: Controls water flow with a gearshift

If you are an auto fanatic, designer Shen Di has come up with a unique water faucet that will give you the feel of a luxury car in your bathroom while brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Hailed as ‘+Shifter,’ the new faucet is an innovative bathroom accessory that allows the users to control the flow of water by shifting the liver of its

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