Hulme CanAm offers an exotic ride with incredible power

Combining the raw look of a F1 car with dramatic design and customary craftsmanship, Auckland entrepreneur Jock Freemantle collaborating with New Zealand's Massey University has come up with a radical car that promises a thrilling driving experience. Called Hulme CanAm, after renowned New Zealand F1 champion, Denny Hulme, the high performance car is scheduled to launch (limited edition) in 2010. Generating power from a hand-built

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Granite phone: Good looks, great design

Nature and designers seem to have a very close association, as most innovative designs and artistic creations in one way or the other takes inspiration from vast storehouse of the nature. Taking inspiration from a polished river pebble, designer Sachin Mistry has designed a unique cellphone that looks to explore how plastic can be used in an aesthetic manner. Named ‘Granite,’ the concept phone is

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Nokia Strapup Phone communicates with a difference!

If you are one of those party freaks who love to chill out with friends in pubs and nightclubs, here’s another cool wearable gadget that will keep you in touch with your friends without even calling or sending a message. Named ‘Strapup phone,’ the latest wearable concept by Nokia isn’t actually a phone in the true sense. It doesn’t send voiced or text messages like

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Mosaic Folding Chair lines up as a room divider

With modern apartments cramped for space, more and more designers have been coming up with portable and multifunctional furniture designs, to make the maximum use of the least available space in the house. And the latest creation to catch our eye is the ‘Mosaic Folding Chair’ by ODA-Architecture. The frame of the chair is finished with conventional materials like aluminum that not just makes it

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Weather Mate: Emergency weather info on the go

While setting out on a voyage, it is important to be fully equipped and informed of the correct route and weather conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Taking a leaf from the thought, designer Samuel Jones has designed an emergency weather radio called ‘Weather Mate’, which will automatically notify you of flood, high winds, storms, tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions. Presenting 6-LED

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TRAM22 blends artistic design with urbanity!

Locomotive designs have undergone drastic changes in recent times, keeping in tune with demands of modern transportation. We insist not only on comfort and pace, but want these trams to be exemplary in design too. Adhering to these stipulations in every respect, Ondrej Vaclavik presents his tram design, dubbed TRAM22. The Czech designer makes sure that the architectural constructions do follow his artistic and futuristic

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Spin Vehicle offers different driving positions to the rider

If you too believe that bikes and trikes are comfortable for shorter journeys only, the ‘Spin Vehicle’ by designer Matias Conti will possibly change your perception. Offering different riding styles or postures, the concept vehicle is capable of altering its shape, allowing the rider to use their body weight in nudging the trike. The Transformable vehicle is powered by an electric drive train, while electronic

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Color Picker extracts colors straight from the environment

Nature is perhaps the greatest artist. It creates some of the most unique color patterns that otherwise we can't even imagine in our wildest dreams. However, designer Park Jinsun has popped up with an innovative pen that allow the users to create rather replicate an infinite range of beautiful color patterns so they could draw and paint with their favorite colors. Hailed as ‘Color Picker,’

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Sun House: Pushing the envelope on self-sufficiency

In this energy-poor world, the sun is often touted as a panacea; and rightly so! Talk about solar power and its optimum utilization in buildings and a host of designs by contemporary architects immediately pop up to mind. While some of these are really extraordinary, there’s no dearth of awful designs either. Fear not though, since this post is about the former category. Luca Donner

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Hubless Wheelchair: Effortless commuting for the physically challenged

With latest developments in technology, modern designers seems to prefer the minimalistic approach in their designs. Inspired by the hubless motorcycles and bicycles, designer Jonathan O'Conner has designed a 'hubless wheelchair' that will make commuting effortless for the physically challenged. Intended for young and active disabled individuals, the hubless wheelchair comes with a supportive mesh fabric seat suspended on a lightweight carbon fiber frame. The

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