BraDryer: Your expensive bras need the curvy care

It might sound absurd to have a dryer meant just for drying bras, but then, the idea might appeal to those women who wear expensive, couture bras. If your luxury car needs the luxe maintenance, so does your luxury lingerie. The BraDryer is a patent pending design for an appliance for drying bras. The design takes its inspiration from the presumption that the best possible

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De-light: Mini LED Projector enriches mobile entertainment

With the latest innovations in technology, modern devices are getting smaller day by day. And the De-light is the latest addition to the list of portable devices. Finished with hard plastic with soft rubber control on the rear stem, the De-light is a portable projector that promises to enrich your mobile entertainment experience. The LED projector, coming in the shape of an electricity bulb, is

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Vipamat Hippocampe swimming pool wheelchair

The Vipamat Hippocampe is an all-terrain and beach wheelchair that can be independently pushed, towed or pushed by someone. The latest model from the company is the Hippocampe swimming pool wheelchair. Designed for all persons with limited mobility, the Vipamat Swimming Pool Hippocampe is designed for public or private swimming pools, aquatic centers and fitness centers. This wheelchair will help the user move freely in

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Edisto: Boat that wraps into a backpack

Boating or fishing on a lakeside is just an ideal way to spend a relaxed weekend, only if someone else arranges a boat and puts all the things in order for you. However, the Edisto folding kayak from Folbot is a versatile boat that you can carry and assemble your own boat within minutes. Featuring an open cockpit (30-by-16 inches) with room for kids, dog

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Slice by Karim Rashid: Kitchen cutters never looked so sexy

If it’s from Karim Rashid, it has to be distinctive. The famed designer has now turned his attention to the heart of every home, the kitchen, and picked up kitchen cutters to make them stylish and highly functional. The beautifully designed Slice ceramic cutting devices by Karim Rashid are sharper, harder and long lasting. The new Slice by Karim Rashid products include a Precision Cutter,

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Calendar comes to life as a flower pot

An excellent creation of the NOTHING dESIGN GROUP, this flower pot and calendar definitely deserves a round of applause. Simply put some seasonal flowers into the aesthetically designed flower pot-cum-calendar and you can add zing to the surroundings. The linear shape of the calendar looks really innovative, with the dates dropping down along the shape of the base. Made of paper, glass and EVA form,

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E-diary: Yong’s vision of perfection

There are concepts and then there are just concepts. The former render to practicability and latter are mere figments of the imagination, impossible to realize with the current state of tech at our disposal. I look at the “e-dairy” and I immediately put it into the latter lot. However, that should not, even for a moment, be construed to mean that I disapprove of it,

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New Club Med offers sustainable retreat for nature lovers

Nature is new luxury! This is possibly the idea behind the new retreat from the luxury chain Club Med located in the Aldiana region, in southern Senegal. Called "New Club Med," the latest resort by Edouard Francois is composed of numerous suites resembling the texture of a giant peanut. All the suits are finished with sustainable materials, including straw and wood, offering an eco-friendly retreat

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Vers makes its way through cramped city roads

Designed by David Vega Santamaria, the "Vers" is a futuristic vehicle that allows a raised position to the driver while commuting in urban environments. The elevated arrangement of the seat not just adds extra space, but also gives a clear view of the road to the driver while parking or riding the vehicle through crowded city roads. The double seater is powered by four electric

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Floppy disks glued to make a good-looking laptop desk

What do you do when you have too many useless floppy disks lying around? One satisfactory answer seems to be this laptop desk made using 82 floppy disks. The DIYer spent hours with 82 floppy disks, a cardboard base, Popsicle sticks and glue to create this amazing laptop desk. The best part with the design of this recycled floppy disk laptop stand is that there

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