Hanging lounger-cum-workstation

Lounge chairs have come a long way from the conventional wooden chair rocking to and fro on the ground. Nowadays, they have turned into functional furniture decorating modern living spaces. Introducing the new z7 line, the PID.Se store has presented a multifunctional lounge that levitates the users above the ground. Hailed as the PRC (Personal Rockin'Computer), the hanging lounger is not just suitable for all

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Exotic chessboard puts cities and skylines at stake

Last week we introduced the Democratic Chess set by Michael Marcovici that simply moves you into the future. Now, it’s time to go back to the conventional but uniquely handcrafted army of exotic woods. Designer Steve Vigar has come up with an innovative chess set that represents the famous skylines of San Francisco, New York and Chicago, while individual pawns replicate the diverse residential architectural

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Concept space station designed for long term space habitation

Let’s take a break from the mundane design concepts and do some space exploration. Well, I am talking about the concept space station designed by André Dettler. This concept was a submission for the "Design the Future" contest, which was presented by Solidworks and NASA. The Gallagher Space Center has been conceptualized with an intention for long term space habitation for workers. The spherical design

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Anywhere Greenhouse withstands winds up to 60 mph

Portable greenhouse kits are great for experimentation. Touting a unique design, the Anywhere Greenhouse assembles anywhere within 30 minutes. Setting up this greenhouse is very much similar to what we do with a tent. It comes supported by 10 flexible rods that attach to the waterproof PVC canopy. The unit anchors to the lawn with stakes and tie downs, which enable it to survive winds

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Pedal-Powered Scooter: Hybrid vehicle adds value to your riding

Riding a bike or scooter is always a fun, as it not just makes you feel young but also keeps you fit and healthy. Merging the values of a bicycle and scooter, manufacturer Pumgo is out there with the world's first pedal-powered scooter that adds value to your commuting. The hybrid vehicle, running like a bicycle, is much more efficient than a scooter and keeps

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Taplamp by QED Design: Go ahead and touch it!

Yes, you can actually touch the Taplamp. This ingenious creation by QED Design wants users to touch it to switch on or dim the light. The Taplamp uses a “glass spigot" that doubles as a switch and dimmer. This glass spigot is directly connected to the bulb, and by turning the knob placed on top of the bulb, you can switch and dim the light.

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Pablo: Link task light that rotates on a 360-degree angle

Winner of the best lighting award in ICFF 2008, the link task light by Peter Stathis is a highly adjustable lamp that can rotate on a 360-degree angle, allowing greater flexibility to users. Designed for Pablo Designs, the task light makes use of 15X LEDs with a diffuser film and presents a unique symmetry in the body, attachments and lamp head. The Pablo is made

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A6DS Fireplace marks a break from conventional symmetrical gestures

Moving away from the conventional symmetrical gestures seen in traditional fireplace and furniture design, the After6 Design Studio (A6DS) has launched its latest fireplace/display case for modern living as well as working spaces. Boasting a completely unique and contemporary design, the “A6DS Fireplace” incorporates a 6 foot linear gas burner, a display unit and seating space for up to two people (based on type of

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Uovo: Enjoy wireless music anytime, anywhere

Wireless is the new hot these days, as it not just keeps you away from chaotic wires but also gives a style statement while enjoying your favorite music. If you too are looking for greater portability without messing up with wires, designer Maria Lecanda has designed a sensual pair of earphones named "Uovo" that will keep you apart from the rest. Reflecting the cohesiveness, the

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Chaise lounge crucified!

This is a lounge you can’t close the eyes to. Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff of Humans Since 1982 have designed a new lounge called “Celebrating the cross 1” that will surely turn heads. To create this artistic unit, they embedded a steel cross into a net-like metal panel. The inside of the lounge gives an impression of flora. The chaise lounge also has storage

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