Sanctuary offers instant refuge to victims of natural disasters

In the recent past we have faced some of the most worst natural catastrophes, caused by drastic changes in climate, and witnessed the wild furies of nature. Though, it’s almost impossible to take on the wrath of nature, but we surely can minimize the losses and make life easier in trying conditions. Here is a concept called ‘Sanctuary’ that promises to offer an instant refuge

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Pack Chair: Order it via mail!

Okay, so you have ordered furniture off the catalogs all your life. But I bet you can’t claim to have your furniture delivered through mail as well. I mean a chair in a parcel, c’mon! And yet the Pack Chair is out there, somewhere, waiting to take your breath away. This freakish chair is made of an internal airtight polyester cloth pouch and a double

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Tombstone: A natural abode for departed souls

When you are dead, I guess where you rest matters little; except perhaps to those left behind. Loved ones, often go to great lengths to ensure a unique tombstone for the departed soul. This is what inspires the unique “Tombstones” created by Stephanie Choplin. A student at the l'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, Stephanie created the Tombstone project in collaboration with Adrien Cussoneay. Her tombstones

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Multifunctional furniture: Also Chair transforms into a table

With city apartments getting smaller by the day, multifunctional objects have been gaining prominence. Designed essentially for teen rooms and small houses, the ‘Also Chair’ by designer Akin Bacioglu is a multifunctional furniture unit that not only works as a reading armchair but also transforms into a study desk. All, the users have to do is flip the armchair 90 degrees to convert the chair

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Everdure ‘e’ series barbecues: Perfect cooking centre

Love barbecuing? The new ‘e’ series barbecues from Everdure, combine inviting form factor with technological innovation to take barbecuing to new heights. An upshot of three years of intensive consumer research and painstaking design, the ‘e’ series BBQs looks to be a perfect indoor and outdoor cooking center. One of the most impressive features is an integrated lighting system. Users can see everything they are

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Jigsaw of Love: Puzzle mp3 player from Aigo

With Valentine's Day approaching closer, lovebirds must be looking for some cool gifts to woo their valentines. Have a look at this upcoming mp3 player from the Chinese company Aigo that seems to make an ideal present for loved ones. Called the ‘Jigsaw of Love,’ the mp3 player resembles a puzzle piece that the users can hang around the collar and use as a key

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Motobecane Motivo bike: Bring home the battery!

We have seen some of the most unique two-wheelers in the recent past, but the latest vehicle by Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez is a city bike with a difference. Hailed as ‘Motobecane Motivo,’ the electric bike by the Spanish designer, features in-wheel motors that generate power through a rechargeable battery wrapped in a suitcase finished with walnut and leather. The innovative bike not just lets

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Coffee table that also works as a mouse trap

True, it's just a concept for now, but the ‘Mousetrap Coffee Table’ is an innovative piece of furniture that not just works as your regular table but also functions as a mousetrap to keep uninvited rodents away from your house. Designed by Auger-loizeau and Alex Zivanovic, the mousetrap table features a motion-detecting sensor to detect the rodents in the infrared range, attracting them towards a

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RITI Printer turns old coffee grounds into sustainable ink

If you are one of those ardent ecology supporters, who love sipping hot beverages (coffee or tea) at regular intervals, here is a concept that will definitely attract your attention. Designer Jeon Hwan Ju has designed an innovative printer that turns your old coffee or tea dregs into sustainable ink source for your printer. Dubbed the ‘RITI Printer,’ the unique printer swaps harmful inkjet cartridges

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Innovative Bicycle Security system doubles as billboard

With no proper licensing and unavailability of apt bicycle parking slots, bike thefts have become a common snag nowadays. However, designer Grant Howarth has popped up with an innovative design called ‘Bicycle Security’ that not just provides a proper parking place for your bikes but keeps them safe from burglars and other roadside damages as well. A recent entry at the RSA Design Directions Competition,

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