Concept bullet train to make Britain’s transport sustainable

mercury by priestmangoode uk fast train 1
Concorde, the Spitfire, Rolls Royce and the Routemaster bus successfully established Britain as a champion in the 20th century global design marketplace. British designers Priestmangoode have conceptualized a bullet train which they believe could be the British design icon of 21st century.

dzn mercury by priestmangoode 2
Mercury the new high speed train is all things modern, luxurious, exciting and stylish. The concept train according to its designer’s best represents the future of Britain as low-carbon, sustainable transport of the future. Designed to fly the flag of British transportation industry, the 400 meter-long, double-decker train would travel at 225 mph and have one of the longest nose sections in the world train.

mercury by priestmangoode uk fast train 3
It incorporates a flexible, open plan design, which guarantees privacy while allowing interaction and relaxation. The train features comfortable commuter seats with integrated entertainment systems. It has also has private berths, a children’s play area along with a luxury lounge and bar.

mercury by priestmangoode uk fast train 4
mercury by priestmangoode uk fast train 5

Via: Dezeen/Dvice

Hideout furniture slips into the wall to provide you a spacious apartment

fold hide pull 01

With modern homes getting smaller in size, minimal designs or products fulfilling all the needs has become a new big for urban residents. Have a look at this hideout furniture by Indian design house Ocher that comes out of the walls to serve as a dining table, breakfast bench or even a workspace. All you need to do is pull different modules from the wall according to your need and requirement of a particular occasion. And when not in use, the tidy furniture neatly folds or slips into the wall to vacate the space for other works. Home furniture can never be as minimal and functional as this hideout furniture.

fold hide pull 02
fold hide pull 03
fold hide pull 04

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World’s best crutches are simply incredible!

worlds best crutch 1
For the physically debilitated people with walking difficulties crutches are the only means to help get around with their daily chores. Only they can translate the pain and agony caused by traditional crutch design to their hands and or/underarms.

worlds best crutch 2
Redesigned crutches called medical blue, orange, pink are all some of the best redesigned crutches in the world that make moving around comfortably easy. The revamped crutches reduce the pressure to the arms and hands and can be adjusted, according to the height of the user. The angle of the comfortably foamed arm rest too can be altered to the desired setting. In fact the foam can be easily done away with and replaced with a similar material if necessary.

worlds best crutch 3
As if this wasn’t enough the best crutches in the world help you safely climb up the stairs by holding just the railing. By setting the arm cuff angle to about 70-80 degrees, you can hold the unused crutch in the hand of the side that’s using a crutch for support, leaving your other hand free to hold the railing. Smart indeed!

worlds best crutch 4
worlds best crutch 5


Etta urban commuter bike allows car-like riding position


Developed by Brooklyn designer Nicholas Heinrich Foley, the “etta” is an urban commuter bike that allows car-like riding position, making it more safe and convenient. Featuring a semi-recumbent design, the bicycle also integrates front and back lighting that generates power by pedaling, while a cargo compartment underneath the seat provides adequate space for baggage or groceries. The adjustable seat is ideal for riders with different height that presents an upright and more relaxed riding posture. Finished in aluminum, the bicycle weighing around 20-25 pounds is easy to control or ride.


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Cardboard Clock tilts vertically to become an hourglass

cardboard clock 01

We have seen some of the most unique cardboard objects in the past, but the new “Cardboard Clock” by LA-based designer Ryan Boynton is an innovative timepiece that helps in reducing the electronic waste, other than performing the basic functions of a table clock. Featuring the cardboard body, as suggested by its name, the clock integrates a knob that the user can adjust to control different functions of the clock. As soon as the alarm goes off, user can tip it vertically to switch onto the hourglass or sleep mode that varies depending on what it’s being set for.

cardboard clock 02
cardboard clock 03
cardboard clock 04
cardboard clock 05

[Cheers Ryan]

SunRed solar moped wraps in a retractable shell with solar panels

sunred solar moped 01

Winner of a special jury acclamation mention at the Barcelona International Motor Show’s Awards for Technological Innovation, the SunRed by Barcelona-based Guimeraicinca, a partnership between designers Oriol Guimera and Joan Cinca, is solar moped concept that when parked wraps into an armadillo-like shell. The retractable shell apart from protecting the motorcycle also integrates photovoltaic panels to harness solar energy. Ideal for urban environment, the solar moped generates power from a transmission-less motor to reach the top speeds of 50km/h with a range of 20km.

sunred solar moped 02
sunred solar moped 03
sunred solar moped

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Petr Fiala’s shelter provides instant refuge in critical situations

shelter for humanitarian purposes

Conceived by Czech Republican designer Petr Fiala, the Shelter for humanitarian purposes as suggested by its name is a mobile shelter that provides refuge to people affected from natural disasters or calamities. Based essentially on mobility, variability and simplicity, the portable shelter allows a short-time accommodation during critical situations to the needy. Easy to mount and collapse, the instant shelter features a modular design that can adapt to different conditions with minimum alterations.

shelter for humanitarian purposes 02
shelter for humanitarian purposes 01

[Cheers Petr]