Visual Hearing Aid displays what others say via two projectors

visual hearing aid  01

We have already covered some unique aids in the blog, but the new gadget by Danish designer Mads Sukhdev Hindhede is possibly the most advanced and stylish in form as well as function. Entitled the “Visual Hearing Aid,” the device concept as depicted by its name combines the function of both the visual and hearing aid to display what other people are saying via two projectors to the user. Capturing the sound through two microphones to filter the speech, the device uses speech to text translation software on embedded controllers to display the speech as text via two projectors. Powered by a Li-ion battery, the Visual Hearing Aid also integrates noise-filtering software from hearing aids and video projection software from HMD technology, while the software can be updated via micro USB.

visual hearing aid  04
visual hearing aid  02
visual hearing aid  03
visual hearing aid  05

[Cheers Mads]

Solar-powered OR2 chandelier to dazzle London’s Belgrave Square

or2 solar powered chandelier by orproject 2

Designed by London-based Orproject, the “OR2” is a sustainable installation that combines a shading device with a solar-powered chandelier to dazzle the Belgrave Square during the London Festival of Architecture this weekend. Working as a shelter that collects solar energy using photovoltaic cells during the day, the luminous pink tree-shaped mechanism becomes a scintillating chandelier at night, spreading the illumination all through the Square. Employing photo-reactive technology at an architectural scale, the OR2 remains in constant interaction with the elements to give it unique appearance at each moment of the day.

or2 solar powered chandelier by orproject 1
or2 solar powered chandelier by orproject 3
or2 solar powered chandelier by orproject 4
or2 solar powered chandelier by orproject 5
or2 solar powered chandelier by orproject 6
or2 solar powered chandelier by orproject 7

Via: Inhabitat

Float flask maintains the temperature of your beverages for longer duration

float 01

Average thermoses or flasks just fail to maintain the temperature of your beverages for too long, spoiling the taste and feel of your drink. Addressing the issue, designer Eric Pautz has come up with an innovative thermos that other than keeping up the temperature also preserves the flavor of your tea/coffee for a longer period. Dubbed the “Float,” the new flask features an advanced mechanism for inner seal, which enables it to maintain the warmth of the liquid for much longer in comparison to conventional containers.

float 02
float 03
float 04
float 05
float 06
float 07
float 08

Via: Cargocollective

Alone in a Crowd table is a symbolic representation of modern life in an urbanity

among in a crowd table  01

Displayed at Art Basel Sachs’, the “Alone in a Crowd” by designer Rolf Sachs is an innovative furniture unit that represents modern life in an urbanity, where people feel lonely and secluded even when surrounded by the crowd. Featuring 511 miniature figures from different walks of life underneath the glass surface, the symbolic table also includes a clock with hands hovering over the crowd to depict temporary existence of human life. “Barely any of the figures interact with the exception of society’s crucial units, such as families, couples and lovers. The dramatic juxtaposition of scale puts our own existence in perspective and leads us to realize that ultimately in life we stand alone.”

among in a crowd table  02
among in a crowd table  03
among in a crowd table  06
among in a crowd table  04
among in a crowd table  05
among in a crowd table  07

Via: Mocoloco

Belkis bike rack becomes a seating for passersby

belkis  01

Finding a safe parking space in urban environment has become a major problem especially for commuters using personal modes of commutation. Providing a solution, designer Giulio Parini, in collaboration with Alberto Bellotti, has created a bike rack named the “Belkis” that other than parking your bikes safely also becomes a convenient seating for passersby. Made in tubular steel, 6cm in diameter, the multifunctional unit is just ideal for public space such gardens marketplaces and so on.

belkis  02
belkis  03

Via: Giulio Parini

hi-Sun speaker beach towel folds into a backpack

hi sun 01

Sunbath lying on a sandy beach is a possibly the most common and popular activity to spend a weekend in coastal areas. And if you have a music system alongside to enjoy your favorite tracks and a lounger to lie in comfort, you cannot ask for anything else. The “hi-Sun” is an innovative accessory that combining a beach towel with a speaker system allows an entertaining beach vacation. Compatible with iPhone, iPod or any other player that has a 3.5mm universal jack, the hi-Sun runs on Li-ion battery, rechargeable through an integrated USB port, to produce surround sound. Woven in cotton (100 %) to ensure utmost comfort, the hi-Sun measures 80 x 180 m and available in black, red, blue and pink colors. In addition, you can remove the speakers so you could wash the towel with your normal clothes. Moreover, the towel folds into a compact backpack for easy storage as well as transportation.

hi sun 02
hi sun 03
hi sun 04
hi sun 05

Via: Bem Legaus

Kruikantoor: Portable office on wheels for starting entrepreneurs

office on wheels 02

Intended towards the starting entrepreneurs, the “Kruikantoor,” meaning wheelbarrow and office, by Dutch designer Tim Vinke is a portable office that the user can wrap into a compact unit to move it on built-in wheels from one place to another with minimum fuss. Made in polystyrene with a hotspray polyurea coating, the mobile office comprises a table, two chairs, storage electricity connection and light. The transferable office combines all the elements to form a compact cube that just measures 1500 x 400 x 1200mm in dimensions.

office on wheels 01
office on wheels 03
office on wheels 04
office on wheels 04
office on wheels 05
office on wheels 06
office on wheels 07
kruikantoor portable office

Via: Tim Vinke/Design Spotter