Bicyclus, socially sustainable bike sharing system for Copenhagen

bicyclus 02

Developed for Copenhagen, the “Bicyclus” by Italian designer Stefano Marchetto is a socially sustainable bike sharing system that reuses 8000 bikes abandoned every year from the city. Featuring modular bikes and stations, the bike sharing system can be expanded with minimum fuss, allowing easy accessibility to the residents. Users can choose their favorite bike to enhance their riding experience. The bikes also include resistive touchscreen that other than providing all the important information of the city also lets you interact with other bikers. Running on solar power harnessed by solar powered charging stations with eight solar cells to be stored in ultra capacitor placed underneath the cells, the Bicyclus also includes an electronic lock to keep it safe and intact.

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[Cheers Stefano]

Roehr Motorcycles offers a suite of road raging electric bikes

roehr electric motorbike 1
American manufacturer Roehr Motorcycles is offering an array of Roehr electric sports bikes for order. All the bikes look stunningly aggressive with their sleek and slippery bodywork. Minimization of vents due to absence of ICE pumping out the heat gives the bike smooth, shiny, lustrous look. The three different models eSuperSport, eSuperBike and RR model come in differing range.

roehr electric motorbike 2
The road raging eSuperSport is the lowest-spec, with a 48hp motor followed by eSuperBike with a combined motor power of 96hp and finally the RR model.

roehr electric motorbike 3
To start with these bikes cost around $16,995, with the eSuperBike costing $27,595 and the RR model going way up to $34,495. These performance machines are custom built once the order has been placed by its buyer.

roehr electric motorbike 4
roehr electric motorbike 5

Via: Engadget

Wallet Cellphone makes you more money conscious while chatting with friends

wallet cellphone

People often get so indulge in chatting with their friends that they exceed their time limit or money balance available in the account. Drawing inspiration from a wallet that keeps your money safe and intact, designer Hazel Shine has come up with an innovative mobile phone named the “Wallet Cellphone” that reminds the user to be more money conscious while using their mobile phones. Replacing the normal cellphone keypad with that of a calculator, the cellphone concept lets the user associate with the idea of calculating each cent spend on calling.

Via: Shinehazeldesign

Multifunctional Seat hoards all necessary equipments around the user

multifunctional seat

After a hectic day at work, one wouldn’t want to leave his/her seat and just wishes to have everything at the place he/she is lying in, thanks to the uncompromising schedule resulting in complete mental as well as physical exhaustion. Providing a solution, Turkish designer Hikmet Guler has developed a multifunctional seat that comes integrated with a beverage cabinet, refrigerator, bookcase and portable dining table. If this isn’t enough, there is a dynamic lamb, portable bed and coffee machine as well. The seat is not only an abode for lazy people but it also solves the space problem in compact apartments by accommodating almost all the necessary furniture and appliances in a small space.

multifunctional seat 01

multifunctional seat 02

multifunctional seat 03

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multifunctional seat 05

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‘Small Type’ modular kitchen squeezes into just a meter square

small typemodular kitchen 1
Accommodating spatially large, traditional culinary environments in to a limited stretch is a challenging task indeed. However, students of Burg Giebichenstein: Hochschule fur Kunst und Design Halle at DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 took up the daunting job of successfully squeezing a kitchen into as small a size as 1m².

small typemodular kitchen 2
‘Small Type’ is a modular kitchen planned by German designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt and as the name suggests fits into small space. The modular unit serves both as a kitchen and as dining table. When the table is rolled away the kitchen unit reveals the refrigerator, induction cook top, oven and storage space.

small typemodular kitchen 3
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small typemodular kitchen 11

Via: DesignBoom

Nokia Kinetic takes Nokia’s heritage of innovative mechanism to a new level

nokia kinetic 01

Taking Nokia’s playfulness and heritage of innovative mechanism to a new level, British designer Jeremy Hopkins has come up with a unique cellphone that converting digital information into kinetic energy makes receiving a call, text message or email more playful than ever before. Intended especially toward businesspersons, the magical mobile phone responds to notifications through movement. The playful cellphone also features an electromagnet at the base to shift the weight and keep it in an upright position, allowing the user to check the screen of the phone in a playful manner. If you don’t wanna receive a call, you can simply tap the cellphone to knock it down to return back in the standby mood. In short, the Nokia Kinetic is simply a seriously playful cellphone.

nokia kinetic 02
nokia kinetic 03
nokia kinetic 04

Via: Jeremy Innes Hopkins

PG-Bikes Blacktrail is the world’s fastest electric bike

pg bikes worlds fastest electric bike blacktrail 1

Electric bikes may provide a clean ride, but they have often been condemned for their slow speed, resulting in sluggish commutation. Created by German bicycle manufacturer PG Bikes, the “Blacktrail” is an electric bike with difference that provides a brisk and green. Generating power from an electric engine backed by a CM 48V lithium-ion battery pack, the zero-emission bike can take you up to 100kph for about for 200km on a single charge of 150 minutes. Claimed to be the fastest bike in the world, the Blacktrail is made in advanced materials such as carbon, magnesium and titanium to make it lightweight (19.8kg) and sturdy. Priced at a whopping $77,000, the limited edition electric (667 units) bike will feature an individual number.

pg bikes worlds fastest electric bike blacktrail 2
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