Solar-powered ‘Gravity Vehicle’ allows a safe and sustainable ride

gravity vehicle  02

Soaring fuel prices and unavailability of parking space are gonna be the major problems, especially in urban environment, for the people owning personal vehicles in the days to come. Providing a solution, Dutch designer Niek de Kort has conceived a vehicle concept dubbed the “Gravity Vehicle” that integrates photovoltaic panels to harness the solar power, and occupies very little space for parking as well. The single-seater also integrates flaps that pop out, as soon as you steer it, to support the single-wheeled vehicle. Once the vehicle is in motion, gravity does the rest to keep it balanced, even at high speed, on the road. Moreover, the futuristic vehicle ensures a stylish ride without compromising the comfort.

gravity vehicle  01
gravity vehicle  04
gravity vehicle  03

[Cheers Niek]

Umbrella recollector filters rainwater for drinking purpose

umbrella recollector 03

Taking cue from the rainwater flowing smoothly on the leaves, Argentine design studio Synopsis has come up with an innovative umbrella that much like the Filterbrella collects and filters the rainwater for drinking purpose. The “Umbrella Recollector,” as they hail it, features a cone shaped fabric to collect rainwater, which you can pour into the water bottles after appropriate purification through built-in filter. Moreover, you can adjust the knob to screw bigger bottles and store drinking water for future use.

umbrella recollector 01
umbrella recollector
umbrella recollector 04
umbrella recollector 02

Via: Voxelshow/Sinapsiscba

Steel-bodied Ford chopped to terrify onlookers at night

the defibrillator 01

Displayed at Greenwood Car Show, the Defibrillator is an original steel-bodied Ford chopped and shaved to terrify the onlookers at night with its frightening design. Generating power from 1957 Chrysler “Fire Power” 392 HEMI sporting dual-quads, the retro-styled roadster features a skull, with functional butterfly valves, at its front grill to inhale the air. No matter how long it takes you to get home, I bet, you would prefer walking than hitching the Defibrillator even after midnight.

the defibrillator 02
the defibrillator 03
the defibrillator 04
the defibrillator 05
the defibrillator 06
the defibrillator 07
the defibrillator 08
the defibrillator 09

Via: Cardomain/Trendhunter

Peg shaped LED Lamp illuminates all parts of your home

led lamp 1
Designer Natasha Romanova’s LED Lamp promises to illuminate any part of your home. The unique design of her lamp is suffused with utmost simplicity and immense functionality. The lamp design derives inspiration from pegs normally used to hold clothes on a dry line. These pegs made from waterproof recyclable plastic are fitted with 6- LED lams and two rechargeable batteries charged from the wireless charger in a shape of a tree. Apt for use under wet or cold conditions each peg can be turned on or off attached to any surface for lighting. Each peg can work for up to 4-5 hours after 30-40 minutes of single recharge. The lamp’s exclusive design which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor activities certainly deserves a thorough applaud.
led lamp 2
led lamp 3
led lamp 4
led lamp 5
led lamp 6
led lamp 7
led lamp 8
led lamp 9
led lamp 10
led lamp 11
led lamp 13
led lamp 14
led lamp 15
led lamp 16

Via: Natasha Romanova

Contact Series: Ceramic tableware decked in Braille for recognition

contact series 04

Identification between similar objects, such as coffee cups and salt & pepper shakers, on a dining table becomes virtually difficult for the visually impaired and they have to rely on others for their day-to-day needs. Addressing the issue, Nigerian designer Alafuro Sikoki has come up with a creative set of ceramic tableware under “Contact Series” that comes engraved with Braille fonts so the special users could distinguish between different objects with minimum fuss. Comprising flower vases, mugs, coffee cups and salt & pepper shakers, with raised Braille alphabet bumps on the surface, the Contact Series makes life easy for the visually impaired.

contact series 05
contact series 06
contact series 07
contact series 01
contact series 02
contact series 03

[Cheers Alafuro]

Flower public seat blooms to receive you in its petals

flowerseat 01

Taking cue from one of the most wonderful creations of the Nature, the flower, Portuguese designer Alexander Castro has come up with a public seating called the “Flower Seat” that as its name indicate blooms like a flower to receive guests or visitors in a park or a marketplace. The public seating features the frame finished in high-density polypropylene and recycled plastic, while the seat and back are made in interlaced ribbons of cork oak. The sustainable seat also includes a base, underneath each seat, composed by reused shock absorbing springs of old cars. With cities fast becoming a jungle of thick concrete, the Flower seat with its organic form and sustainable materials presents a refreshing design.

flowerseat 02
flowerseat 03
flowerseat 04

[Cheers Alexander]

VeloMini folding electric bike offers practical city commutation

velomini electric foldable bike11
VeloMini is designed to pluck you out from several troubling scenarios. It makes commuting easier, cleaner and greener, saves you from many a parking hassles and facilitates a “multi-modal” commute in which you ride the bicycle to the station, carry it on-board, and at the other end ride to your destination. This sturdily built foldable electric bike weighs just 31 lbs.
velomini electric foldable bike7
The folding mechanism involves simply loosening a knob, breaking down the seat and steering tubes, and then retightening the knob. Once folded the VeloMini rises just by just 18”. The controls are very straight forward. Equipped with 24v, 6AH Lithium-ion battery which charges under 3 hours, the VeloMini is powered by 180 watt brushless hub electric motor.
velomini electric foldable bike1
The bicycle is very easy to ride. You just have to hop on and start pedaling. While the default mode for the VeloMini is pedal assist you have freedom to choose your riding style between pedal assist, pedal and throttle, or throttle only. The range you achieve of course depends on how much you pedal. The bicycle can easily reach the speeds of 8-12 miles/hr. The wheels may be small but they help VeloMini ride like a normal bike. The bicycles brakes are a normal V-brake in the front and a drum brake in the rear. Tagged at $995 the VeloMini is already in the market and comes with a case, carry strap, charger, toolkit and a manual.
velomini electric foldable bike4
velomini electric foldable bike3
velomini electric foldable bike9
velomini electric foldable bike10
velomini electric foldable bike5

Via: Examiner/DouglasSchwartz