Mov Media Furniture: Keeping up with latest trends in electronics

Targeting young professionals, moving from college hostels to sophisticated apartments, designer Christopher Gregory has come up with a multifunctional furniture unit that is not just stylish in looks but also comfortable enough for media viewing, internet browsing and lounging. Dubbed the ‘Mov,’ the mobile media furniture presents three different units, including TV or media unit, ottoman and laptop cart, which suits the media needs of

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Issit: Is it to sit or admire?

Just think of public spaces like airports and train-stations! You might envision passengers standing and waiting for others to vacate a seat so that they may limber up. Here’s a product, dubbed Issit, which you need most in such a situation. ADDI Design offers this unique chair that’s a figurine and usable furniture as well. The seats rise automatically and return to its upright position

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Tathastu night lamp blends religion with power!

Solar energy, rather the sun itself has always been considered to be a perpetual source of vigor. Deifying it still further, here’s Ashish Chaudhary’s solar lamp, dubbed Tathastu, that seeks to bring Hindu religion and mythology to the realms of renewable energy. This inimitable night light, in a way, keeps on reminding one of the ubiquitous blessings of that divinity. And so, a wide-stretched hand

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Moto Digital Butler: At your service!

If mobility means swift carrying out of commands in no time, then this Digital Butler deserves the badge indubitably. This incredible gadget aims at providing you assistance in almost all mundane chores. What Motorola brings to your disposal is an around the clock network connection to VIP services. Well, how is that made possible? Thanks to 4G network with GPS that lends it ingenuity with

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LIEUL Bookshelf: Flexible space for valuable books

Industrial designer, Ahn DaeKyung comes up with LIEUL, a simple bookshelf that caters to a regular book-lover's needs. This bookshelf design takes inspiration from the Korean consonant LIEUL, that’s indicative of infinity. Discontent over an IKEA-made shelf led Ahn to fabricate one himself. This bookshelf can hold several books, owing to pliable bands that make it wholly customizable. So, it ensures your books get a

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Isophone lets you communicate in style

Communication can never be absolute unless the listener concentrates and understands what one wishes to convey. Taking cue from the fact, James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau go on to suggest a device, dubbed Isophone, which provides a communicable space. Though it may appear a bit outlandish, still this helmet-shaped prototype urges a person to focus solely on the conversation. The concept, telephone and a flotation

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Growin’ Up speakers grow when you want them to!

If you are a music or entertainment freak and are looking to upgrade your music system, then have a look at this modular speaker system by Marcos Madia, an Industrial Design student at La Universidad de Buenos Aires. Dubbed "Growin' Up", the latest speaker unit will not only improve the sound quality of your music system, but also help in enhancing the decor of your

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Formway’s FREE seating system offers ultimate office flexibility

Nowadays offices have ceased being boring and instead boast of a vibrant environment that permeates down to the seating arrangements. So, exit boring old chairs and enter newer concepts like Formway's iconic FREE range office seating system. With the FREE range, you have the flexibility to configure and reconfigure whenever you want to. Offering ultimate flexibility in the office, the FREE range enjoys inviting aesthetics,

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HP LiM Concept: Where ‘Less is More’

It is ironic that the task of reporting on this radically new-look computer has been handed over to me – someone who has had the same computer cabinet for more than 3 years now. But hey, perhaps I was waiting for just this! Designer Jeffrey S. Engelhardt has presented some very nice concepts of late and here’s yet another tasty treat from his vault. His

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Calypso chair takes net surfers to the virtual world

With increasing quality of products in the modern market, designers nowadays are becoming very precise in their designs and targeting a specific group. This is perhaps the ideology behind the Calypso chair, which looks to fulfill almost all needs of net surfers. Designed to bridge the gap between home, work, Internet café and any other location, the Calypso chair by Brandon Allen connects the members

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