Modular Bench: Design your own seating

Recently featured at the New Designers Exhibition in Tent London and 100% Design Tokyo Prototype, the ‘Modular Bench’ by Shizuka Tatsuno is a flexible seating unit that can transform into different sitting arrangements according to taste and availability of space. Basically intended for single-occupant living, the modular seating unit can be transformed into an armchair with a small table and a couch by adjusting the

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Snowmobile keeps you mobile even in snowy winters

Winters may be a cause of apprehension and agony to the meek-hearted, but the snowy season also provides an opportunity to the brave and the adventurous to take on the wild furies of untamed nature. If you are one of those who come out and face the challenges of winter, designer Dominic Schindler has come up with a stylish snow scooter that will let you

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LED Dive Flashlight: Water diving gets safer and easier

Incorporating new LED technology in traditional flashlights, designer Keith Coponi has popped up with a diver friendly flashlight that helps professional divers in gripping and flashing the light. Presenting a water heat sink, a new 20mm diameter LED light engine technology, the Dive Flashlight generates power from six AA batteries or three C sized batteries. The flashlight also features a replaceable foam pad, with a

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A4 Lamp: Illuminate your interiors with a difference

Isn’t it a good idea shedding those mundane worries in the embrace of this luminous night light and getting nostalgic over past jovialities? Being a part of a project run by Hundredstenunits, the futuristic radiance bar, dubbed as the A4 Lamp, intends to enlighten your abode or workplace interiors in its own inimitable way. The dimensions read 297 x 210 x 72 mm, making it

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Voice Calendar: Remembering important dates for you

Remembering all those important appointments and occasions sometimes gets too complicated, unless you are one of those super-brains. It’s quite often that we forget about anniversaries and birthdays of our kin making way for embarrassment. However, check out the Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar that records your important dates and appointments in your own voice, keeping all the important dates on your fingertips. Powered with three

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Cherry offers zero emission personal commuting

Designed by Alican Yılmaz, the Cherry is a futuristic vehicle that will give an altogether new meaning to the concept of personal commuting. Basically intended for urban environments, this next gen hybrid promises a green drive and folds into a compact vehicle for easy parking or storage. Featuring adjustable driving positions, the electric vehicle is powered by a plug-in battery, located under the gel-padded seat,

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Kinesis K2 Charger: Hybrid wind-and-solar power generator

Wind and solar power generators may have similar end purpose, producing green energy, but they require altogether different weather conditions to produce energy. While a solar generator works in bright, sunny weather, a wind powered generator on the other hand needs a brisk, windy climate. However, Kinesis Industries has produced a utility power generator that works in all weather conditions, be it sunny or windy.

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B-IRON 725 reveals the magic behind ironing!

Ever wonder just how creased clothes get smoother when you move the iron back and across? If yes, then the B-IRON 725 – better described as the “Transparent Iron” – could be the revelation that you need. Designed by the Dongseok, Lee and Jihyung, Jung, the B-IRON 725 allows the user to watch the ironing process as the creased cloth surface is transformed. This has

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Modular Furniture that fits the available space

With limited space to spare in modern apartments, modular furniture is gaining popularity and designers around the world are busy in producing modular designs to go with the decor of contemporary home and office space. Presenting elegant, classic and contemporary aesthetics, Designer Bob Blackadar has come up with a unique furniture design that can be obtained either in segments or a whole unit, depending on

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Grapes Wine Holder Party Plates: Wine and dine appetizer tray

Didn’t like the wood finish of the Appetizer Tray? Check out the Grapes Wine Holder Party Plate that allow users to enjoy their drink as well as appetizing snacks simultaneously without juggling them on the dining table. Featuring the shape of a tasteful bunch of grapes, the party plate with wine holder comes in a set of four that can be used for both indoor

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