Acacia portable workstation folds into a suitcase

acacia workstation

Drawing inspiration from the human touch with nature and each other, German designer Andrea Ortega has created a portable workstation that fold into a suitcase for easy storage and transportation. Comprising a chair and table, the foldable furniture unit lets the users move their workspace with them to work wherever they want. Apart from being used as a single unit, the mobile workspace also supports teamwork, as it could be plugged with other units to allow interaction or discussion on a mutual project.

acacia 02
acacia 04
acacia 04
acacia 05
acacia 01

[Cheers Andrea]

Mahina House brings the moon on earth for the opulent

dream house mahina 02

Bringing the moon on the earth, Weber Consulting has developed a beautiful dwelling named the “Mahina” (the Maori name for Moon) on Kawau Island of Auckland, New Zealand. Spreading in is 827 square feet, the luxury house comprises a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures, while white modern interior with floor to ceiling windows gives it an incredible design. Facing the sea, the luxury villa provides a mesmerizing view of the marine life. The Official website of the Weber Consulting quotes the dream house as,

A predominantly modern residence with a ‘Bondesque’ suggestion of times past; the glamorous age of martinis and tuxedos.

dream house mahina 03
dream house mahina 04
dream house mahina 05
dream house mahina 06
dream house mahina 01
dream house mahina 07
dream house mahina 08

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Camping Chair-Table concept lets you work and dine in comfort

camping chair table concept 03

Even an ordinary piece of furniture on a camping site is no less than a luxury, if you have a proper chair and table or workstation at your dispose, you cannot ask for more than that. Conceived by Brazilian designers Paulo Henrique Storch and Rafael Calloni, here is a camping chair-table concept that provides a comfortable space to work and dine without slinging your ass on the muddy floor or bricks. Made in polypropylene, steel and aluminum, the portable furniture is not only lightweight and durable but when not in use also folds into a compact unit for easy storage and transportation. Measuring 72 x 77 x 40cm (WHD) in dimension, the camping furniture is just ideal for small or large groups of campers aging between 15 to 50 years.

camping chair table concept 01
camping chair table concept 02
camping chair table concept 04

[Thanks Paulo]

Blue Bee touchscreen interface wraps itself around the phone

blue bee phone interface concept 1
The size of the mobile screen defines user experience. Larger the screen better the experience. However, it is hard to come across full touch screen mobile phones with zero hard buttons and almost all the functions shifted to touchpad. Kingyo has created one such interesting handset interface, called the Blue Bee in which the touchpad has been placed at the back of the phone’s body.

This extends the screen to almost the entire body, thereby increasing the display space and means of interaction. Blue Bee also has a very slim smart phone and its neat and friendly user interface resembles the Windows Mobile 6.5 interface.

blue bee phone interface concept 2
blue bee phone interface concept 3
blue bee phone interface concept 4
blue bee phone interface concept 5
blue bee phone interface concept 6

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EAZ, Segway-based disabled human transporter allows safe and brisk movement

eaz disabled human transporter

We have seen some of the most innovative mobility devices in the past, but their bulky size and complex controls at times make them more a bane than a boon for the user. Making life easy for the physically disabled, French designer Grayson Stopp has come up with a multi-functional scooter called the “EAZ” that allows effortless, safe and brisk movement to the rider. Intended toward moderately disabled people, the two-wheeled transporter features a minimal design while being stylish and functional. Looking like a Segway, the new disabled human transporter offers a refreshing device to the disabled mobility market.

eaz disabled human transporter 01
eaz disabled human transporter 02
eaz disabled human transporter 03

[Cheers Grayson]

Burger King offers ‘music shower’ meals to attract its Japanese clientele


American fast food chains in Tokyo are working really hard to try and attract their Japanese clientele. Getting its act together this time is the Burger King’s new chic restaurant in Tokyo. Conceptualized as a place to relax with friends and family, Burger King has introduced the first “Musical Shower” booth system in the upscale joint, so that its customers can savor the goodies while they are all ears to their favorite tracks.

The fast food chain’s latest joint has been provided with sound spots in the walls to hold your iPod/iPhone and play your choicest music. The system has a special speaker/reflector in the form of an umbrella hanging above the table. Interestingly, only the people sitting in the booth can hear the music being played.

burger king roppongi sound spot 2
burger king roppongi sound spot 3

Via: OhGizmo

Sailing aircraft raises its wings to offer a luxury sail on the waves

octuri sailing aircraft

As we still eagerly await for a flying car rescue from maddening traffic jams, designer Yelken Octuri has come up with a sailboat-convertible seaplane to at least sail us through a river or sea in utmost comfort. Dubbed the “Sailing aircraft,” the futuristic aircraft positions its wings horizontally (377 meters) in the plane mode and vertically (185 meters) in the sail mode. Commissioned by Captain Silvan Mariach, the futuristic aircraft can accommodate up to four passengers to land them comfortably on the sea waves for a luxury sail. Powered by Recchia & Husser engine, the Sailing aircraft integrates two propellers in its tail, while two lateral panels tip over horizontally to become two small pontoons. Presenting an open cockpit, thanks to the sliding canopy, the plane’s leeway becomes a rudder blade in the boat mode.

octuri sailing aircraft 3
octuri sailing aircraft 2
octuri sailing aircraft 8
octuri sailing aircraft 4
octuri sailing aircraft 5
octuri sailing aircraft 6
octuri sailing aircraft 7
octuri sailing aircraft 9
octuri sailing aircraft 1
octuri sailing aircraft 11
octuri sailing aircraft 10

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