DeskMate offers light workout for professionals with sedentary lifestyle

deskmate workout 1
The DeskMate is a must-have for every sit-in professional who spends long hours sitting at one place, precisely in one position, say at their personal computer. They have negligible physical activity which combined with their work-related stress makes them ideally susceptible to one or the other sedentary lifestyle diseases. For those working under these conditions, the DeskMate gives some respite. Designed to easily fit on your desk, the DeskMate is a one-step setup with adjustable resistance levels for a lightweight workout. It has a thick handle for enhanced grip and can be used to relax your arms, back, shoulder, chest and wrists to burn calories, flex muscles and most importantly relieve stress while sitting.

deskmate workout 2
deskmate workout 3
deskmate workout 4

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Waterproof Power Strip prevents accidental electrocution

wet circuits

Designed to prevent accidental electrocutions due to various reasons, such as a water spill, accidental touch, inserting of metal objects and overheating, the “Waterproof Power Strip” from Wet Circuits is an innovative device that works smoothly even when it is exposed to water, minimizing the chances of appliances short-circuiting. Featuring a patented design, the new power strip decreases the flow of electricity when it comes in contact with water or any other fluid. Capable of submerging underwater for up to two hours, the waterproof power strip also includes an overheating protection with a fuse and a spark protection, while a reusable circuit breaker disconnects the electric as soon as it crosses the 100°C temperature. The waterproof power strip is available at Wet Circuits for $35.

wet circuits 01

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Intelligent design tinkering makes Move On luggage must for traveling

agent move on luggage1
Move On luggage shows that skillful and intelligent tinkering with design can help resolve many problems encountered while traveling. Designed by Alberto Villareal and Agent, the Move On suitcase collection serves its purpose best in three different modes.
agent move on luggage2
The SURFN is best for traveling with family or with heavy luggage. Its front portion splits off and swings downward to serve as a wheeled platform on which you can tow away your child, luggage or even yourself.
agent move on luggage3
The RIDN’s sleek design saves you the trouble of hunting for a seat on a busy airport. It has a comfortable built-in seat on one of its sides which can be used to settle down at the never-ending check-in lines.
agent move on luggage4
The last but equally useful in a big way is the STROLLN. The suitcase has a comfy, relaxed seat to place a tiny tot while you maneuver your way through the busiest of the ways.
agent move on luggage22
agent move on luggage33

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Chair that swivels its back to become a coffee table

swivel chair coffee table 01

With modern homes getting smaller day by day, minimal has become a new big nowadays, especially when it comes to all-essential furniture in cramped urban dwellings. Now, with a desire to change the class of bulky and spacious furniture, Atlanta-based designer Joe Bonnoitt has come up with a minimal furniture unit that switches between a chair and a coffee table without wasting any time and effort. The “Swivel” is essentially a chair that as suggested by its name swivels its back to become a coffee or a side table. The modular furniture just suits the flexible nature of small city apartments.

swivel chair coffee table
swivel chair coffee table 02

[Cheers Joe]

World’s tallest tensile structure inaugurated in Kazakh capital

dzn khan shatyr centre by foster partners 1
Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana has added an iconic structure to its fast modernizing landscape. It’s called the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center: the world’s tallest tensile structure which offers dramatic views over the city and the Steppes beyond.
dzn khan shatyr centre by foster partners 2
Constructed by Forsters and Partners, the tower is a tent-like, cable net structure which majestically rises 150 meters from an elliptical base to become the highest peak on the Astana skyline. The building spread over 100,000 square meters is basically designed to withstand Kazakhstan’s harsh climes, which can drop to -35 degrees Celsius in winter and climb as high as +35 degrees in summer, to offer infinite entertainment and leisure facilities all year round.
dzn khan shatyr centre by foster partners 3
The three-layer ETFE envelope keeps the tower sufficiently warm in winter through a combination of temperature control and circulating warm air currents up the inner surface of the fabric. The building is kept cool in summers through fritting on the outermost foil layer which provides solar shading and directing cool jet air in the lower levels inside. It has different levels of undulating terraces, with the uppermost forming a water park.
dzn khan shatyr centre by f4
The Center is a major civic, cultural and social venue for the people of Astana offering facilities such as retail, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and flexible spaces to hold a variety of programs.
dzn khan shatyr centre by foster partners 5
dzn khan shatyr centre by foster partners 6

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Blackjack Superyacht with luxurious dance floor to liven those parties

blackjack superyacht 01

Intended towards young and rich celebrities, the “Blackjack Superyacht” by Austin Fodell, a student designer pursuing a Transportation Design degree from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, is a luxury vessel that can either be owned privately or chartered by a group of people collectively. Comprising 19 luxury cabins, including a master suit and two deluxe guest suits, the megayacht can accommodates 18 people on a night out, together with 20 crew-members, in utmost luxury. Measuring 268 ft in length and 65 ft in width, the Blackjack can reach the maximum speed of 20 knots, while cruising at 12 knots. In addition, the superyacht includes a dance floor at the upper deck that provides adequate space for a small awards ceremony or a full-blown concert. The upper deck also features a lounge area to spend a relaxed evening listening to your favorite music. Moreover, the on-board garage parks your luxury vehicle to move around the city, when the yacht is docked in a harbor.

blackjack superyacht 07
blackjack superyacht 10
blackjack superyacht 03
blackjack superyacht 04
blackjack superyacht 05
blackjack superyacht 06
blackjack superyacht 08
blackjack superyacht 09

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Life Fitness Treadmill harnesses your workout to project ambient light

life fitness treadmill 03

Modern city apartments barely provide space to live in comfort, we can’t even think of an enclosed gym. However, the “Life Fitness Treadmill” by designer Ryan Mather is a piece of fitness equipment that fits smartly in a small home to keep the residents fit to carry on with the pace of urban life. Developed in collaboration with Life Fitness, the new treadmill comes integrated with LED lights to project ambient light on the wall when the treadmill is in the upright position and on the floor when down. The Life Fitness Treadmill emits light in four different colors, i.e. blue, yellow, green and red, charged possibly during your workout on the machine.

life fitness treadmill 01
life fitness treadmill 02

[Cheers Ryan]