Most amazing cycling shoes ever designed

Cycling is not just a hobby but also a recognized sport. Thousands of enthusiasts participate in cycle racing. The cyclists need appropriate gear that suits their sport and enables them to perform better. Scientists and designers have come up with some cycling shoe concepts that can enhance the efficiency level of the cyclists and keep them safe while cycling through different types of roads.


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Costliest smart watch designs we are floored by….

The smart watch  is the latest addition for the gadget freaks today. Smart phones are done with now and the currently in trend gadget, to flaunt  is the smart watch.

Numerous  reputed companies which offer aesthetically designed smart watches in the most coolest of colors ranging from red to neon. The options are unlimited.


Top designs to look out for…

The luxury of wearing

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Costliest armlets with superb designs we are floored by..

Jewelry and women are inseparable. They not only like jewelry, they simply love them. Thus any piece of jewelry which makes them look more beautiful and elegant is always appreciated by women worldwide.

Armlet is one such piece of jewelry which is preferred by every woman. These days there are very classic and elegant designs of armlets which simply seep women off their feet.


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Bag designs that are costliest in this world

Japanese creator -The Hermes Birkin pack made
This Hermes packs was evidently sold in 2008 for around 1.9 million dollars. It is made of platinum and has over 2,000 precious stones. It is likewise adaptable, so that not withstanding being a handbag you can additionally utilize the precious stone strap as an accessory or arm jewelry by removing it from the pack. The sack itself

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Watch designs that are inspired from military

The Bell & Ross Br01 Instrument wristwatch takes outline inspiration from contender plane cockpits. The square instance of this wristwatch measures 46 mm and its even square case sits greatly on the wrist - not a men's wrist look for the faint-hearted!
This is a defining watch, a striking timepiece, its cockpit instrument inspired dial has exceedingly readable hands and markers and four invisible screw

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Top design innovations in sports gear

Sportspeople have been attempting to get an edge since the third century BC, when unshod Olympic runners exchanged to shoes. For all the expense and engineering of today's apparatus, the vast majority of it is incremental – helping us run a bit speedier or hit the ball a bit further. So caps off to these innovators, who converted significant games.

The vulcanized elastic tennis ball

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Design ideas in book shelves to amaze

Book shelves are another essential item in every home and have come along way from the boring little shelf hidden away in some corner of the home. Today they are the central pieces of the home and are can come with additional spaces for the home theatre set, some of them are like wall designs that can add decor to the room and can store

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Design ideas in buildings that confuse us

Architecture today involves more that simply planning out the structure of a building. Architects are going out of their way to out do each other in terms of building designs, using all kinds of materials to create something that is so unique; it really makes it one of its kinds.

Upside down building:

Upside down houses have always been a debatable subject- this is because

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Design ideas in recliners to amaze

Recliners are not exactly known to have a cool design that is cutting edge and a chic style; it is also very tough to get a recliner that is beautiful enough to show off.  Yet recliners are present in all homes like an essential item as they offer a great deal of comfort after a long day at work, so are there any substitutes for

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