The best Nammor Hookahs for enthusiasts to consider

The use of hookahs to smoke tobacco is ancient, and is regaining popularity in 21st century as well. Out of different types of hookah, the Nammor Hookah is one type and probably the most famous. The specialty of these hookahs is the fact that each piece is hand made by various artisans in Egypt. The artisans are so skilled that they make these hookahs unique

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Wearable Computing Gadgets Giving the Glimpse of Futuristic Technology

We have seen some great technological designs over the past few years when we talk of wearable computing gadgets. However, technology has no stoppage. There are several impressive concepts arriving to introduce the use of futuristic technologies in wearable gadgets of all kinds. While some technologies are complex to be materialized in near future, there are some other promising concepts that can offer us amazing

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Unusual and interesting bra concepts

Creativity and innovation is taking the fashion altogether to a different level. Nobody could have thought a bra could serve some other purposes other than comfort, support, and attraction. Go through the following list and see for yourself the unusual and interesting bra concepts:

The Bacon Bra

This bra is a special addition to the edible clothing line. The Bacon Bra designed by Nicky Stein-Grohs,

December 25th, 2014 0 comments Fashion

Wearable Gadgets and Accessories That are a Photographer’s Delight

When every aspect of our lives is going digital and technology-oriented, photography is one area that is not detached. There are several types of wearable gadgets designed to help professional and hobby photographers in their work. Capturing striking pictures and shooting high-quality videos is not an easy task. Thus, such gadgets can support you in taking amazing some shots if you are interested in shooting

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Pen and pencil holders that take a trip down style lane

Thinking out of the box is of paramount importance to bring a change in monotonous ways of life. Offbeat thinking brings in creativity, and makes even a small and otherwise insignificant thing a great piece of interest. We are talking about the pen and the pencil holders that are common sights in offices and at homes but have nothing extraordinary about them. However, some creative

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Wonderful Gadgets That Made the Mark in 2014

If you are a geek, then you may have tried and tested some of your favorite electronic or technological gadgets this year. While your experience with these gadgets might have been satisfying or dissatisfying, here are some of the amazing gadgets that have truly impressed a larger customer base in 2014. Check out whether your favorite gadget is one of these or not.

Lenovo Yoga

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Pillows designs that took gadgets as their muse

Creative designers are always on the lookout for something or the other from which they can derive any creative idea. Some designers have come up with some unusual pillow designs that are inspired from gadgets and some other things. Click through to find out some unique pillow designs that are too interesting:

Vintage Camera Pillows

Things having vintage theme look amazing in an all-modern setting.

December 23rd, 2014 0 comments Product Design

Concept Cars That Amazed the World in 2014

We have seen several concept cars displayed at major auto shows across the world throughout the year. However, not all designs and technologies were able to impress the visitors. On the other hand, there were some designs of concept cars that showed brilliance. Not only were these concept cars ultra-powerful, but these were also inspirations for a whole new generation of modern vehicles. Check out

December 23rd, 2014 0 comments Autos

Unusual wall clock designs to amp up interior décor

Clocks are an old invention, but no rulebook says that they should continue to be in those ancient and old looks. Wall clocks can be as modern, creative, and interesting in design, as any other thing could be. If you are on a lookout for interesting and unique wall clock design, click through to find a list of modern wall clocks that would amp up

December 22nd, 2014 0 comments Product Design

Amazing Yacht Concepts to Ride the Waves in Style

Do you love to go racing on the sea or simply cruising on it in a yacht? If you do, then here are some wonderful yacht concepts that can put you in amazement with their innovative designs and luxury. Yachts are also being made high-tech with the use of special devices and systems. Check out some of the most amazing yacht concepts that may turn

December 22nd, 2014 0 comments Technology

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