7 Creative Camera Concepts Photographers will love

One gadget that has undergone a remarkable transformation in the technological era is the camera. From the old pin hole to the more recent digital variants, the camera is one ...

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Curtain for iPad

Practical gadgets for the bathroom that show evident genius of design

In the technologically evolving era, small and basic gadgets can also contribute to give you a helping hand. Simple gadgets like these can make things easier and more comfortable for ...

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The mobile kitchen

Futuristic kitchen gadgets for a smart cooking experience

A smart cooking experience is when there is comfort in the process of cooking and less of a mess is created. These futuristic gadgets promise both to make your cooking ...

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Xbox 720 Portable Console by Tai Chiem

Xbox console concepts for gamers who love it for the style

When it comes to gaming, Xbox becomes essential for geeks who appreciate gaming consoles for their functionality, appearance and comfort of use. This is the reason designers have been focusing ...

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When fiction becomes reality: Gadgets that jumped from reel to real

No wonder super heroes and their thrilling actions were the best part of our childhood. Iron man, spider man, superman, and other superheroes were so imposing and real that we ...

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Sang Jang Lee’s rice cooker (2)

Super cool and innovative rice cooker designs to keep company to your cuisine

Busy schedules can wreck havoc on your health, especially if you keep missing breakfast, lunch or dinner every other day. Many (busy) people do not feel like cooking after a ...

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Diccarese Design

5 Amazing concepts that build on the Apple iWatch

Apple has revealed its first ever wearable device which has been called iWatch for quite some time now. While not much has been said about how the device would actually ...

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iPad Concept by GuilhermeSchasiepen

4 Awesome concepts that want to play with the iPad

Anything from Apple can be considered innovative. The maker of smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers leaves no stone unturned to ensure that its products are super stylish, and yet impressively ...

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