So you’re sick of listening to the lo-fi sound supposedly coming out of your computer speakers or those cheap headphones that came with the phone? Well, you are not alone, there is a growing movement amongst consumers of the world to move away from the attractive prices of the low end audio devices on Read More →


A familiar sight on the skylines of many cities is the image of cranes – many if not dozens, in some thriving metropolises – punctuating the horizon; whether they’re perched atop buildings or lofty ground-based cranes building up the skyscrapers. Indeed, I once heard that you could tell how successful or how well the city’s Read More →

Crossbox house

There are millions of shipping containers around the world, which have completed their life cycle for carrying cargos. They can be characterized as being cheap, are fire proof and flood resistant materials for home construction. Designers from around the world have created beautiful homes using these ‘off line’ containers.