Top building designs of 20th Century

Casa Mila

This is an Apartment building located in Barcelona Spain. The design has been inspired by the Discovery caves made by Gaudi.

The Chrysler building New York

This is a building which ha the exterior made of stainless steel. There are Art decorations and repeated motifs in the shape of triangles. The building has been built for car manufacturers and was a roaring construction

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Top modest designs in bedrooms that will rock 2014

First the need of the person has to be understood. A flawless balance is needed as the space has to be clutter free. The most important thing is that when the holder of the bedroom enters, he or she must not feel cold. The warm welcome should be there that draws one to enter the arena.

Lighting of the room and design of the bed

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The best designer swimwear designs

Girls can now Show of your style and grace this season with some of the best swim suits this season. Invest on the best designers for the most elegant swim suits.

Anika Brazil

These are elegant Brazilian two piece bikinis that have made a fashion statement in the rest of the world. You just cannot avoid these alluring swim suits which are a combination of

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Modern Ideas with Portico

The portico idea is very loveable. What is a portico? A portico is the Italian name for a porch which leads to the entrance of the building.This type of design could only be seen in the western countries, but now it is equally popular worldwide. Many office buildings are also opting for it!

Furnishing the portico

A portico is usually considered as a place where

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Minimalistic approach towards Interior Designing

Use of bold or neutral colors

The idea is simple geometry with properly intersected squares or rectangles. This type of style of décor gives one a feeling of more space and movement area. The dwellings usually have stark white walls as a background with one wall highlighted with a painting or a floral, geometric pattern. Mostly white or black or sometimes various gradations of gray

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Jewelry Design That We Look In Amazement

Jewelry Designwith a purpose

Today’s designers are inspired by nature or the different architectural styles around the globe to carve out the best designer pieces that one can proudly adorn on the finger or ears, or around the neckline. It can be floral motifs or alphabets, even abstract designs or lovely intricate works embossed with sapphires, rubies, diamonds or even costume jewelry stones. Most Americans

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Innovative modern home designs

This is the era of new modern homes where one is able to utilize the full space properly. The motto is the simple and stylish. Minimalism is in and in vogue with the all basic elements effectively utilized.

Correct use of materials to give a sleazy look

Lots of glass is incorporated as it that adds up to the elegance. Solid colors either black or

March 1st, 2014 1 comment Interior Design

Designs with an Edge

There so many ways to make your home or building classy and edgy. But keep in mind that the designs can be easily maintained and repaired from time to time.

Choosing the perfect material

A wonderful combination of solid dark colors and neural light colors make the interior as well as the exterior stands out. Add some wood work or wooden geometric patterns to create

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Designs of the Ancient Ages that are an Inspiration to Modern Architecture

Architectural designs are of prime importance in any building and designers are very often inspired by the ancient concepts. It changes the whole outlook of the structure.

Inspiration from the Indian Designs

Many designers are now using the ancient Indian stepwell or Baoli design. One has to create a deep pool inside the base of the modern building that reduces the heat by evaporation of

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