The most awaited and anticipated smart phones of 2014

The global market of smart phones is expanding continuously. Each year the number of smart phone users is increasing. Smart phones have become a symbol of status for the youngsters and they want to carry the latest gadgets in the market. The young generation is always looking out for newer and better smart phones for swapping their old hand sets with the new models.


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Five extraordinary vending machines that really exist

Each one of you at some time or the other must have enjoyed eating an ice cream or a burger from a vending machine on the roadside. You would hardly ever have thought that these vending machines could be so amazing with a little technology added to it. Here are five such unusual vending machines that you will not believe exist.

A Doggy Bath:


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Travel devices that hardly make any sense

When it comes to travelling, you would want to pack less and aim at bringing things that have a high utility value with less volume.  You certainly would not like to lug around a bunch of useless gadgets and weight yourself down with them.  Many gadgets prove to be very useful like earplugs and money belts whilst travelling, but many others can easily be stroked

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World’s most weird tech products

Multifunction gadgets like the camera-phone, clock radio, and printer-scanner have helped the users by solving two or more purposes with a single gadget. These double functioning gadgets work as the strawberry and cream, gin and ginger beer, or peanut butter and chocolate. By this, we mean that such gadgets have been successful because the design and the combination of functions in a gadget have been

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Five gadgets to be launched in 2014

Everyone is anxiously waiting what the latest gadgets will be this year, the latest in innovation and creativity in technology is anticipated the world over.  The leading tech companies around the globe keep launching their flagship devices with improved and enhanced features that become much desired amongst users.  Apple is an innovative company that would be launching iPhone 6 towards the third quarter of 2014. 

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Toys to substitute the spearhead technology

With the technological revolution occurring throughout the world, it is not surprising to see a purpose built device working efficiently. However, it is surprising to see a device with amazing secondary feature that is better than the latest one. Read this article to know about five such toys that perform better than the latest and most modern devices.

Gran Turismo: This is not just hardware

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Five astounding hotels created from unconventional materials

The very first thing that comes to the thought of a hotel owner is the design and the material used for the construction of the hotel. Modern day visitors are no longer fond of the regular luxury hotels, but they look for something different and unique. Here is a list of five such strangest hotels made completely out of weird materials.

The Xiang Xiang Pray

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Astounding Wi-Fi gadgets to ease your work

You must have put in great efforts to optimize the Wi-Fi network in your home or office to optimize the speed and quality of the network, and most importantly to make it reach every nook and corner of the premises. So far so good, however, now it is time for you to take the Wi-Fi usage to a higher level where Wi-Fi network is not

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Overwhelming hands free mobile phones

Multitasking is the order of the day and technology is making it effortless. You must have faced a time when talking on your cell phone was necessary while doing another important work. Most people try to hold their cell phone by bending the head towards the shoulder. However, it is both troublesome and painful. Speaking on the cell phone while driving is risky and it

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Most amazing cycling shoes ever designed

Cycling is not just a hobby but also a recognized sport. Thousands of enthusiasts participate in cycle racing. The cyclists need appropriate gear that suits their sport and enables them to perform better. Scientists and designers have come up with some cycling shoe concepts that can enhance the efficiency level of the cyclists and keep them safe while cycling through different types of roads.


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