Lovely paper origami and craft designs

Origami is a way of creating beautiful forms out of a piece of plain paper, it looks simple but the art is quite complicated to master. The recreational activity is very popular in Japanese culture, but recently it has been highly practised throughout the world. If you want to unleash your creative side, below are some amazing examples of paper origami and related designs. Continue reading Lovely paper origami and craft designs

Unlikely products designed around Facebook and Twitter logos

Man is a social animal and we are living in a world where social networking dominates us. Everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, adding posts, updating information, staying in touch and whatnot. These social networking sites have become our priorities. All the fans of Facebook and Twitter will be glad to see products that show off their favorite time wasters, if not just for use, then perhaps these items will find love for the novelty they offer. Continue reading Unlikely products designed around Facebook and Twitter logos

How to make your bathroom spa like

If you could go to a spa every night after work and not have to think about any of the jobs that are waiting for you at home, would you? I’m guessing the trip getting there would be too much for you, despite wanting to.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had a space in your home that could reflect a spa? Yes? Then why not turn your bathroom into one? All of us want a relaxing bathroom, a place we can escape to relax when things are getting too much. Turning your bathroom into a spa is easier than it sounds and can be done on a budget. We’ve listed 8 tips to help you create a spa feel to your bathroom

Bathroom furniture
Your bathroom furniture can make a big impact into making your bathroom feel like a spa. Look out for Jacuzzi corner baths or whirlpool types. Choose bathroom furniture that will complement the spa look but not cost a fortune. The likes of Ideal Standard Outlet and similar outlets have some great deals to help you create your home spa on a budget.

shutterstock_222904441 (1)

Use neutral colours
Using earthy tones or neutral colours will help to create a calming effect to your spa-like bathroom.  You should use colours that are light to give the room a relaxing feel.  Think about the colours you see when you’ve been to a spa in the past and try to incorporate that into your design.

Add beautiful scents
When we enter a spa, we are hit by the beautiful aromas that instantly make us feel relaxed. You can do this in your own bathroom too by adding some refreshing scents for aromatherapy. Add some reed diffusers on the vanity; add some sweet smelling flowers or even some scented candles to make the room boast a spa-like aroma.

Decorate with spa-like details
To make your bathroom look spa-like, it’s important that you keep it minimalistic. Avoid clutter in the bathroom and use spa like apothecary jars to store all of your beauty products. Why not roll some white towels and place them in the bathroom too – just like how spa’s do it!

Natural light
Ensure you don’t block your windows and ensure that natural light is coming in, it will make you feel healthier and start off your day more cheerfully. You will also be able to see the outdoor scene; the view of nature will help you to relax.

Add greenery
Bring the outdoors in and add life to your spa-like bathroom. It doesn’t have to be much. Whether it’s a potted plant or a small flower, it will help in creating a Zen look.


Add wooden accents
To give a warm aura to your bathroom, you can use wood slats or have wooden cabinets. Adding wood helps to create a relaxing Asian feel which is perfect for a spa-like bathroom.


Beautiful Decorative Home Solar Panels

Solar panels are known as energy-efficient tools designed to harness the sun’s rays to generate power for electricity or heating. But, who knew they could be downright fashionable, too? Recently, scientists have created a way to mass produce solar panels that allow them to be used in more ways that are more appealing to the eye. There are a myriad of ways to decorate your home with these power savers, including using them as a part of roofing, fixtures, shade, and other decor. Solar panels are no longer a technology of the distant future. They are available now, and they can be used to power and beautify your home in many different ways.

Stay Stylin’ in the Shade


Image via Flickr by Laura Manning

Solar roofing panels can be used to create shade and “solar canopies” from the sun and other elements in the front or backyard. Fourth of July rained out? No worries — grill up some burgers for the whole family in the backyard while the solar panels keep you dry and save you energy. Why not create a nook in your yard to lay back in a hammock with a Mojito and read your favorite book? Or, watch some tennis on the courts from the sidelines by creating a spectator’s seating area, sheltered by solar panels. By installing home solar panels, you can have the benefits of the outdoors while staying healthy and shaded too. With so many scientific breakthroughs in today’s modern age, solar panels are more decor-friendly and can look stylish in any situation.

Revamp Your Rooftop

Image via Flickr by Peter Blanchard

One of the most common yet effective ways to upgrade the home with solar panels is to attach them to the roof. This can add a modern flair to antique roofing, or add style to your modern home by being different from the other houses on the block. Plus, rooftops cover so much space that the solar panels will get plenty of sunlight, and, therefore, have the potential to save you energy when you need it. If you don’t fancy putting solar panels on your home’s rooftop, try installing solar panels to other housing units on your property, like the backyard shed, a barn, or even the garage. Any of these rooftops will add style and function to your home. Even Fido would appreciate a trendy and environmentally friendly renovation to his dog house.

Wow Your Neighbors With Window Shade

Although rooftop solar panels are popular and trendy, you can think outside of the box and be unique by adding solar panels to the outside of your home’s windows at a slight diagonal angle to provide shade. By using solar panels as window shades, you upgrade your home’s exterior while helping the planet, not to mention your wallet. Because solar panels have been tweaked by scientists and mass produced, they are now much more functional and affordable than they used to be. Install home solar panels on the outside of your windows to provide both fashion and function.

Be More Productive with a Skylight

What’s a better way to beautify a home than to add a skylight? There’s little more that makes such a positive impression on guests. The often partially see-through tone of the solar panels offer just enough light to provide shade while still letting enough natural light shine through to your home. The natural light will allow you to use less electricity inside. Another side benefit of this is that natural light is shown to make people more productive. By using solar panels to beautify your home with a skylight, you’re benefitting your health and making your home easy on your eyes.

Solar panels are becoming more affordable for the everyday person and can beautify any person’s home. Whether you use solar panels as roofing, to add a skylight, provide a window shade, or keep cool and away from the elements under a solar canopy, the environment will thank you, and so will your neighbors and family for having upgraded your home’s aesthetics.


Five unusual bars that show substance in style and design

Meeting your friends over a few drinks is an important part of community life. What can be more amazing than to have those drinks in a super cool and creative bar. You can create a lively social spot for your family and friends, below are some of the amazing, weird looking indoors and outdoors bars that will tempt you to the core. Continue reading Five unusual bars that show substance in style and design

Five most unusual earmuffs you would love and hate

During winters, we are most likely to cover ourselves with warm clothes, and cozy boots, but we ignore the most important part of our body. We are talking about our ears, of course. Keep your ears warm without sacrificing style, check out some weirdest, unusual looking earmuffs. Continue reading Five most unusual earmuffs you would love and hate

Future ambulances that show medical care getting quicker and better

Future Ambulances will provide the first access to healthcare for a wide variety of patient conditions, ranging from life threatening emergencies to chronic illness and social care. The better design will help the ambulance staff to improve the safety of patients and equipment. Following are few designs that will enhance the patient’s experience, safety and satisfaction. Continue reading Future ambulances that show medical care getting quicker and better