Four most prominent architectural ages

Architecture is a world heritage craft that has been going on since the times of the earliest civilisations.  Each architectural age has influenced and shaped the subsequent age, for instance, the Egyptian architecture inspired the Greeks and the Greeks inspired the Romans and so on.  Here are four prominent architectural ages that have shaped our present structures.

1. Neolithic Architecture

The Neolithic Architecture dates back

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Four best mosaic art pieces

Mosaics are works of art that require a lot of precision and care.  Putting together fragments and pieces to create a realistic artwork is something that is awesome and a mosaic that is made on a large-scale is truly a remarkable sight.

1.  Apples

Emma Karp and Helge Lundstrom (her father) have created massive mosaics with apples as the underlying theme since 1988 for the Kivik

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World’s four most luxurious apartments

Luxurious houses may be a distant dream for most, yet they are a reality for a few lucky people, provided they invest and select their abode carefully to transform it into their dream home. Here are some houses that have been built exclusively to the fantasies and whims of the pampered and the rich, with each apartment providing a beautiful scenic landscape.  There is no

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Best Fountain Designs + designbuzz

Water wellsprings might be an extraordinary approach to intensify your yard, arrangement or even indoor. Add some peace and peacefulness to your inside and outside of your home with these cool water wellspring outlines and plans.

Outside Fountains

There are numerous water wellsprings plans that can speak to your feeling of style. The most loved ones at this time are the three urns and column

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Enclosure Design Ideas + designbuzz

A lovely arrangement in front is a delight. Here are some top plan thoughts.

An enclosure with an entryway

Assuming that you have a hall sort cultivate that additionally serves as the primary path to your front entryway; it can even now be as outwardly striking as it is handy. Pick plants that develop unhurriedly so you don't always need to chop your path down

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Astonishing Design of the Leaked iphone6

The web is loaded with spilled pictures and realities about the released outlines of the iphone6. Some of these are astounding.

Model 1

It was still vague if the portable unit in the photographs is the honest to goodness iphone 6 model when Macrumors took the pictures through an unnamed Twitter account. Different websites taking after Apple likewise posted the photographs. Various these were from

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Home Improvements That Are Not Worth Your Money

Home enhancements are important yet some are avoidable and once in a while totally unnecessary. Here are some to escape.

1. Over-enhancing for the neighborhood

This is maybe the prime error that property holders make, not understanding that the worth of their home has a limited cutoff. A $200,000 kitchen remodel in a neighborhood where the top cost of alternate houses is just $200,000 is

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Costliest Designs in Condos

If you are looking for a condo, consider these. And for the maximum in money-sucking luxury, consider one of these luxury penthouses.

If you have been flipping through pages of real estate properties for some upscale condominiums, here are some plush penthouse options you may want to consider.

Tour Odeon

Extending across a whopping 33,000 square-feet and located in a 49-storied building among the top

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Imaginative Studio Apartments We Did Not Know Existed

What individuals don't understand is that occupants don't live in little spaces since they need to, but since we need to. We realize that with a little cunning and a considerable measure of imagination, it’s not difficult to make a 500 square foot studio feel like a 1,000 square foot two-room condo.

One –bedroom Loft

With such a variety of imaginative individuals around attempting to

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Lighting Ideas for Homes

Lights are the most critical a piece of any home. These are the best lighting thoughts for your home.

Dark light fixtures

Dark light fixtures are utilized regularly as a part of the day spaces for a rich perspective and the hued ones might be found in whatever remains of the house.

Regardless of their color, size or shape, crystal fixtures will dependably shroud a

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