Efficient shelter designs to make disasters less disastrous

Only a disaster struck person knows the importance of an emergency shelter. Nature has given us the best of facilities but sometimes nature takes everything back and leaves people to survive in emergency shelters offered by the administration. Sometimes, the shelters are not fully equipped and people are forced to live in them until they get back to their normal life. Some designers have tried

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Most Attractive and Stylish Bunk Bed Designs

Bunk beds have always remained the favorite furniture for kids. Apart from being space efficient, their beautiful design makes these bunk beds even more endurable and loving. They are affordable as well as extremely enjoyable for your little ones. Here we have compiled a list of five most ravishing and lovable bunk bed designs.

Tropical Surf Shack Bunk Bed:
Want your children to feel like

September 22nd, 2014 0 comments Product Design

Reinventing the Cooking Space with Micro Kitchens  

Any chef would vouch that the size of the kitchen has no bearing on the quality of the cooking done inside it. Usually American kitchens are huge and swanky with multiple appliances dotted across, which modern people use rarely. Even the city apartments, smaller in size, waste a lot of space in huge stove-tops, dishwashers and other large equipment meant for larger kitchens. Here are

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Trendy Shower Designs to Perk Up Your Outdoor Area

If you live in a region known for its hot summers, you must install an outdoor shower to cool off during unbearable days. Outdoor showers, although common, need dedicated outdoor space as well as proper plumbing arrangements. So while you are getting ready to invest in an outdoor shower, consider opting for a trendy outdoor shower design that would add some style and elegance to

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Mini gadgets built for your convenience of mobility

All of us have become so accustomed to easy lives that we cannot afford to skip our gadget habits, even when we are outdoors. However, sometimes it becomes impossible to carry all our gadgets along because they can be bulky. We need some small-sized gadgets that we can take with us anywhere we want to, and which might serve to complement the gadgets we use

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Amazing Air Purifiers with Latest Air Filter Designs

Air quality, including the indoor air, has drastically decreased during the recent years due to the growing pollution, both outside and inside. Hence, the use of air purifiers becomes essential to maintain the purity of air and thereby our health. This is also essential to be safe from various dangerous allergies and infections. Given below are five amazing air purifiers, which will help you maintain

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Designer Wall Lamps to Decorate Your Home

Wall Lamps not only lights up your house but also adds to the decoration and value of your house. There are various kinds of wall lamps available in the market with spectacular designs and cheaper price. Here we present you the top designer wall lamps for your home that will make your house look attractive with their enhanced lightening features.
Football Deco Light
Football Deco

September 20th, 2014 0 comments Product Design

Beautiful umbrella designs best suited for the summer

Summer is not all about heat; it is about fun and enjoyment with your dear ones and going on wonderful vacations. To enjoy the summer and protect ourselves from the strong heat we need umbrellas to relax ourselves while enjoying the sun. There are several ways to enjoy the sun without getting sunburns, and umbrellas are an excellent mode to be safe from the sun

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Designs that take prosthetics to an all new level

There is no doubt in the fact that only the amputee knows pain of losing limbs but there are some designers who also have understood this pain and have come up with some prosthetic limb concepts that are adept at making the life of an amputee way more comfortable and independent. Following are some designs that could make prosthetics way more useful, in form, function,

September 20th, 2014 0 comments Product Design

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