5 Inspiring street light ideas powered by the sun, wind, and humans

An urban landscape can never be complete without street lights. However, of late, a lot of complaints have risen about how these lights tend to consume a lot of energy which can be otherwise be used for more important purposes. As such, a lot of initiatives have cropped up over the years with the aim of lighting up the streets with natural energy sources, namely the sun and wind. Continue reading 5 Inspiring street light ideas powered by the sun, wind, and humans

7 Amazing designs for the most striking tablets

Nearly every other individual has a tablet these days. These comparatively smaller devices are considered easier to handle and carry around when compared to laptops. While a lot of tablet designs are already available in the market, the hunger for more innovative concepts never fails to push us to explore new opportunities. As such, here are 7 amazing tablet concept designs which, if successful, would definitely revolutionize the tablet market. Continue reading 7 Amazing designs for the most striking tablets

5 Stunning furniture designs that take inspiration from nature

Many designers are coming forward with innovative ideas to infuse natural terrain designs in their furniture pieces. Crafting each piece painstakingly by hand, these designers include everything from icebergs, rivers and abysses to stones and fossils in their designs, ensuring that no stone is unturned to make these pieces artistic wonders. Take a look to find out yourself. Continue reading 5 Stunning furniture designs that take inspiration from nature

Designs that discuss what the aircraft of the future will be

The last few years have seen several ground breaking technological advancements making news. One area that is benefitting a lot from these advancements is the aviation industry that is currently on the verge of manufacturing a range of futuristic aircrafts. As such, we won’t be surprised if the following aircrafts start making appearances in the sky pretty soon. Continue reading Designs that discuss what the aircraft of the future will be

7 Intriguing and unusual designs for liquor bottles

There are some liquor bottles that pack a punch both in their design and their contents. These bottles tend to be nothing short of being creative and unique in such a way that they tend to become a collector ’s items. Take a look at 7 such liquor bottles whose designs earned them more fame than the contents in them. Continue reading 7 Intriguing and unusual designs for liquor bottles

5 Super weird concept cafes from around the world

How do you ensure that your café does not become another run of the mill café that everyone frequents? Simple, you just go ahead and create a unique concept and design your café around this concept. Not sure what we are talking about? Take a look at these extremely weird concept cafes from around the world. Continue reading 5 Super weird concept cafes from around the world

Interior Design Ideas for a Stunning contemporary kitchen

Redesigning your kitchen can feel overwhelming but, if you’ve decided on the style you want you’re off the starting blocks and on your way to a stunning and practical space! So what makes a great contemporary kitchen? Clean lines, luxurious gloss, built-in appliances and lots of clutter-free storage solutions help to create the look but today’s kitchen also tackles practicality head-on.


For a kitchen that you will love for decades, multi-tasking appliances which make your life easier need to be top of your list. Everything from washing clothes to cooking dinner should be less time-consuming, simpler to carry out and even more pleasurable with your new appliances. These design kitchen ideas will help you create a kitchen that not only looks great and connects emotionally but also performs to the highest level.



The look


Uncluttered, often minimalist, glossy, rich woods or polished chrome – all of these elements combine to create a stylish contemporary kitchen. A top tip is to install banks of floor-to-ceiling cupboards so that everything can be stored away, leaving worktops uncluttered and giving a cleaner look. A design element that everyone seems to want – and with good reason – is an island. Not only do they look great, they serve as a social hub where family can gather or friends can sit as you’re preparing dinner. Clever islands also serve as mini-kitchens, incorporating anything from a sink, to a hob, to a dishwasher, to an oven, freeing up space in the rest of the kitchen.



The appliances


Your kitchen appliances should work hard, performing multiple tasks to make your life easier and improve your cooking/cleaning/washing experience. For example, Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances offer a number of functions and some can even morph into different devices.


The CoolDrawer concept is a great example – a cooling drawer, it can be installed wherever best suits your needs and changes function with the touch of a button. Depending on what you need it to do, on any one day it could be a freezer, refrigerator, cooler, wine fridge or pantry.


The must-have appliance is the induction cooktop, which offers fast and efficient heat, increased safety, and a totally flat surface that adds to your design kitchen. Ovens should be flexible, with grill, recipe functions, and even the ability to clean themselves. Fridges and freezers should be energy efficient, adaptable, and spacious. Washing machines should be quiet and offer a variety of functions to keep your clothes looking great. Above all, from a design perspective, everything should seamlessly fit and match the overall scheme.


Ultimately, you need to decide how you will use your kitchen and what you need it to do. If you regularly entertain, you want an island, a bar, or a table for guests to gather as you prepare the meal. Want a no-fuss kitchen? Consider easy-to-wipe surfaces and clever positioning of appliances so that you don’t have to move about too much. If sustainability and energy-awareness is important to you, choose energy efficient appliances, fridges which keep food fresher for longer and units crafted from recycled wood.