High tech window designs that throw out the ordinary

What is one thing that gives you a look of outside world when you get bored in your room, Or what lets in the fresh air when you fee; suffocated? Or wakes you up with a natural light! Yes, it is indeed a window. Even when people look for houses, one thing they make sure is that, that place has proper ventilation and that is provided by windows. Let’s have a look on some innovative designs of windows. Continue reading High tech window designs that throw out the ordinary

Unique calendar designs that show creativity rules

It’s a beginning of a New Year and what’s the one thing that you need on your desk rightway? Certainly a calendar but of course not those typical calendars that we see hanging on our walls or placed on the corner of our table. Let’s start by getting a calendar that shows more than just 12 months, calendars with concepts and ideas beyond the ordinary. Continue reading Unique calendar designs that show creativity rules

LED watch designs that make geeks fall in love with tech all over again

So far, watches have been used for telling the time but with the technology, new high tech designs are replacing the regular wristwatches that we wear daily. All those who are watch lover and want more from their timepiece, below are some geek friendly watches with awesome features. Continue reading LED watch designs that make geeks fall in love with tech all over again

Unusual elevators that show the mundane can be exciting

So far, elevators have done the boring work of taking passengers from one floor to another. However, with the introducing technology designers are coming up with some sleeker and newer designs. The modern design elevators are attracting the attention of tourists, reason being the uniqueness and the driving experience. Below are some of the unusual looking elevators. Continue reading Unusual elevators that show the mundane can be exciting

Lovely paper origami and craft designs

Origami is a way of creating beautiful forms out of a piece of plain paper, it looks simple but the art is quite complicated to master. The recreational activity is very popular in Japanese culture, but recently it has been highly practised throughout the world. If you want to unleash your creative side, below are some amazing examples of paper origami and related designs. Continue reading Lovely paper origami and craft designs

Unlikely products designed around Facebook and Twitter logos

Man is a social animal and we are living in a world where social networking dominates us. Everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, adding posts, updating information, staying in touch and whatnot. These social networking sites have become our priorities. All the fans of Facebook and Twitter will be glad to see products that show off their favorite time wasters, if not just for use, then perhaps these items will find love for the novelty they offer. Continue reading Unlikely products designed around Facebook and Twitter logos

How to make your bathroom spa like

If you could go to a spa every night after work and not have to think about any of the jobs that are waiting for you at home, would you? I’m guessing the trip getting there would be too much for you, despite wanting to.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had a space in your home that could reflect a spa? Yes? Then why not turn your bathroom into one? All of us want a relaxing bathroom, a place we can escape to relax when things are getting too much. Turning your bathroom into a spa is easier than it sounds and can be done on a budget. We’ve listed 8 tips to help you create a spa feel to your bathroom

Bathroom furniture
Your bathroom furniture can make a big impact into making your bathroom feel like a spa. Look out for Jacuzzi corner baths or whirlpool types. Choose bathroom furniture that will complement the spa look but not cost a fortune. The likes of Ideal Standard Outlet and similar outlets have some great deals to help you create your home spa on a budget.

shutterstock_222904441 (1)

Use neutral colours
Using earthy tones or neutral colours will help to create a calming effect to your spa-like bathroom.  You should use colours that are light to give the room a relaxing feel.  Think about the colours you see when you’ve been to a spa in the past and try to incorporate that into your design.

Add beautiful scents
When we enter a spa, we are hit by the beautiful aromas that instantly make us feel relaxed. You can do this in your own bathroom too by adding some refreshing scents for aromatherapy. Add some reed diffusers on the vanity; add some sweet smelling flowers or even some scented candles to make the room boast a spa-like aroma.

Decorate with spa-like details
To make your bathroom look spa-like, it’s important that you keep it minimalistic. Avoid clutter in the bathroom and use spa like apothecary jars to store all of your beauty products. Why not roll some white towels and place them in the bathroom too – just like how spa’s do it!

Natural light
Ensure you don’t block your windows and ensure that natural light is coming in, it will make you feel healthier and start off your day more cheerfully. You will also be able to see the outdoor scene; the view of nature will help you to relax.

Add greenery
Bring the outdoors in and add life to your spa-like bathroom. It doesn’t have to be much. Whether it’s a potted plant or a small flower, it will help in creating a Zen look.


Add wooden accents
To give a warm aura to your bathroom, you can use wood slats or have wooden cabinets. Adding wood helps to create a relaxing Asian feel which is perfect for a spa-like bathroom.