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Paddleboard smoothly on land with Kahuna Creations’ Bombora

Kahuna Creations made a successful effort to bring paddleboarding from water to land quite a few years back and named it Land Paddling. This gave longboard skaters an opportunity to paddle all on concrete and asphalt lands, which was only possible on water. This Utah based company has come up with a refined version of its land paddling line in the form of Bombora Longboard that will make street surfing a real pleasure.


At first sight Bombora will confuse you with its typical longboard looks. It comprises of a purpose built longboard, which has been based around one of the company’s surfboards designs, which is the Black Coral Classic Surfboard. It is as long as a surfboard and makes sure that the ride is nothing less than smooth and intuitive; thanks to its surf style designing that will make the overall experience quite enjoyable.

Bombora weighs only 7.7 kg or 17 lbs and has been fashioned out of Baltic birch. Wheel bite gets eliminated because of nicely carved out wheel wells. The longboard comes fitted with wheels and trucks, measuring 70 mm and 10 inch, respectively. The wide surface of Bombora will allow a user to stand on both feet pointing forwards, which is similar to when one paddleboards on water. It is less than 1.5 m or 5 feet long and has width of 35.6 cm or 14 inches. If you are not particularly fond of water surfing and want to get drenched in the charm of land paddling, then Bombora is just the right thing for you.

Via: Gizmag

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