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PACMAN from AND-RÉ makes recycling easier

The clever design of these bins will surely change the way people look at recycling. Their round shape will bring a smile to your face. Moreover, the colorful diagonal cut out right in the middle is also quite cute. They have a stainless steel frame; you can see the metal legs on which they are standing if you glance towards the base. On top of the steel structure is a composite skin.

ACMAN Recycling Containers

All the bins are white in color but their mouths have been daubed in different hues. These stark colors help you distinguish one bin from another. Therefore, you will dump the right type of trash in each bin. The mouths have four different colors of green, blue, yellow, and black. A knob right at the center of their mouth bears a label telling you what type of garbage have to be thrown inside.

The design comes from a Portuguese firm AND-RÉ and it has been dubbed as PACMAN. The design has been implemented in Vilamoura, Portugal. The smashing concept even bagged the Iberian Urban Equipment Prize in the category of Urban Furniture. The firm is quite creative and has been credited with similar honors in the past. It bagged an award in the lighting segment also during 2011 for their in house design Verso.

This award tries to honor the best concepts and designs in the category of urban infrastructure. The awards are recognized by eminent groups like the Journal Architectures, which has collaborated with Larus-Urban Design to grant the prizes. Bodies like DIMAD (Designers Association of Madrid) and Portuguese Design Centre also support these awards.

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