PacM chair, reviving the old Pacman maze game

the pacm chair 01

Drawing inspiration from the old maze game, Pacman, designer Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo has come up with an innovative chair that takes you back to your childhood days. The “PacM,” as the designer calls his chair, not only presents a unique furniture design but it is comfortable to sit on as well. And not to talk about the fun and nostalgia that seems to energize the user after a short doze. I’m not too sure about adults, but kids will definitely love to have a one or two PacM chairs in their room.

the pacm chair 02
the pacm chair 03
the pacm chair 04
the pacm chair 05
the pacm chair 06
the pacm chair 07
the pacm chair 09
the pacm chair 10

Via: Behance

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